away for the weekend: scouting for a sunrise

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

scouting for a sunrise

I've been seeing some awesome sunrise photos, lately
- kind of making me want to give it a try
-should I ever decide to get up early enough -

on the weekend, that is
because on weekdays, I'm sitting on the train sleepily sipping coffee
before the sun makes its appearance
- but well - weekends are for beauty sleep
- which somehow sounds a little better than "just being lazy"
but I digress...

So - last Saturday, Greg and I decided to scout possible sunrise locations
because if I'm getting up early on a weekend, I'm sure not wasting time driving around...
The area where we live is full of salt marshes
- and shoreline
which I rather like - a lot

Normally I prefer sharp photos - but for this one, I purposely reduced the clarity
The boats, on this rainy day, felt sort of dreamlike in all that hazy blue

And - all good explorations should be rewarded with a good meal
(or so I tell myself)
- which we found in the beautiful town of Newburyport

On another note - I quite by accident learned that I have a new skill
Apparently, I can stand on a moving subway and type comments on my iPhone without holding on
#MadLifeSkills #OldDogLearnsNewTrick

sunrise adventure - to be continued

I'm joining Theresa for Good Fences

have a great day!


  1. Beautiful photos, Karen, and such different scenery from here in Georgia!

  2. Oh...salt marshes...I am envious! That is a special skill, you must be a pro at the subway.

  3. I like the hazy picture with the boats. Being by the water is so relaxing.

  4. i really liked the soft scene of the boats on water, too! and your new mad skill made me laugh.

  5. Maybe that's why I don't relish my hiking like I should. I don't blend it with a good meal. I have to rethink my Sunday safaris. :)

  6. If you are going to do sunrises you need to download The Photographer's Ephemeris. You can find out the exact time and sunrise location in your location. It is also good for sunsets.

    1. That is very good to know! I think we could have used it for the next phase of our sunrise adventure.

  7. Hmmm - "all good explorations should be rewarded by a good meal" is a philosophy worth considering. I love those shoreline shots.

  8. My daughter is an expert at riding the subway without holding on. That is definitely not my super power. That town looks like my kind of place.

  9. Well now that is a NEW skill Karen!! great photographs and I love the boats shots

  10. Hello Karen! I loved seeing more pretty photos from your part of the world! I love the look of Newburyport!
    I am envious of your new mad skill!

  11. Lovely photography of your area and fences besides and a great mean too! thanks.

    Wishing you a week of your choice ~ ^_^

  12. You have serious skill ... I can neither stand on a moving train without holding on nor key well on my phone even sitting still. You don't really NEED a sunrise to show the beauty of your area. The pictures you got on your scouting expedition are lovely.

  13. Hello!:) I REALLY, like your fence shot with the muted tones of the boats, and like the look of Newburyport. You must have a strong core to be able to execute your new skill.

  14. That first photo looks very similar to a spot near me here in southern Maine. I love the salt marshes. Beautiful photos!

  15. Laughed at your new skill. Funny I can not reach the straps in the subway in the city but I have never tried to text. Early mornings on the weekends will show you the best. Great shots. Enjoy. Hug B

  16. awww yes, you do have fences, i had to go back as i was distracted by all the other loveliness. and they are much better than mine!!!

    i am "lazy" so i have convinced myself that sunsets are better than sunrises. even tho i live 10 minutes from the beach, on the east coast where the sun rises. so yes, that means i am definitely lazy. the problem is, if you get up and get there and then the sunrise sucks, it was all for not. sunsets are easier!!!

    did you have to train for that new skill, or did it just appear naturally??!!

  17. Really pretty fence scene in that first shot. Enjoyed the boat shot to, very dreamy looking. Nice looking place to go for a breakfast too, I like brick buildings. - Wow you do have some cool "skills" it seems.

  18. Beautiful shots, and hey...I can walk and text....until I run into a wall. Very cool for an old lady!

  19. Though you couldn’t get exactly the sunrise… the stills are simply beautiful! I too prefer sharp photos but sometime the realty doesn’t be same.

  20. Beautiful scenes - brings back wistful memories for me......It's always good to have a new skill. I can drive and take photos - yes, I can. :) xx K

  21. You must thrive on danger - not holding on.

  22. What a coincidence reading that you also discovered Newburyport MA as we did the same thing this week, but alas did not have time to explore as we passed thru enroute to Newbury. It's definitely on our return trip plans.


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