away for the weekend: July 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

scene and story - june

This wasn't exactly what I was going for
- but, then...

this was my June
- blurry, but pretty and colorful all the same
My month started out with crazy, busy work deadlines,
the birth of our first granddaughter
- yeah, she's pretty much the sweetest baby ever -
(I may be a teensy bit biased)
- and ended with a much needed week off -
and a celebration for Greg's career transition -
many changes ahead...

On this particular day, Greg and I hiked to Stratton Pond in Vermont
It was the perfect day to roam around the woods,
picnic by the pond, at catch a much needed breath.
With any luck, July will be a bit more focused
- and while June passed by in a blur, it was a pretty wonderful month

I'm joining Sarah and Leon for Scene and story

Have a wonderful, safe, 4th of July!