away for the weekend: January 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

watery wednesday - frozen hideaway

Whew - it's only Wednesday, and already it's been a crazy, busy week-
budget projection deadlines, long days, late dinners - you know the drill
Anyway -
last night, done for the day, I grabbed a nice big handful of chocolate chips,
plopped on the couch and started pinning healthy recipes.
Okay, so the irony wasn't lost on me, and I switched to crafts - madly pinning crochet patterns.
Boy - this cold weather has me crocheting up a storm!
Scarves, throws, cowls, boot cuffs - yep, this stylin' 50-something is sporting cowls and boot cuffs.
Soooo -
just when you thought I was rambling without a cause,
I'll bring you to my wintery frozen water scenes

A few of you remarked at the lack of snow in my last post of barn photos.
Taken by surprise - I scrolled back up to take another look at my photos.
Whoa - you were right!

These photos were also taken last weekend - only a few miles away.
Go figure...

How about this cabin hideaway?!
As a kid, I sure would have loved this bridge.

And then,

over by the West River, on another snowshoe outing, I spied this little snowman -
out in the middle of nowhere.
It made me smile to think that someone took a break from their hike to build this little guy.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

pretty red vermont barn

Last weekend was a cold one in Vermont.
But - the skies were a beautiful shade of blue -
and for some reason, I don't mind the cold when the sun is shining -
I just need to be outside.

Greg and I rode our bikes past this farm last summer.
It seems even prettier to me, now.
I'm thinking I'd kind of like to move in...
Well, hello there!

It's so much fun to have such willing models.
And - how about this -

 a red barn in Vermont!

Joining Tricia at Bluff Area Daily for Barn Charm

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

my town shoot-out "money"

Oh my, what did we all do before e-this and e-that?
I guess we carried more cash.
These are the essentials I keep in my purse

Debit Card - replaces pretty much all the cash I used to carry

"Dunkies" Card - just because it feels silly to put a cup of coffee on my debit card

Charlie Card - named after Charlie on the MTA aka "the man who never returned" - this little card is a must-have for getting around Boston

Smart phone with MBTA app - for catching a train to the 'burbs. No more stopping at the ticket window, because, you know - that takes time.

A few actual $ - for emergencies? Nope, but that would probably be smart. My favorite Vermont coffee shop only takes cash.

75 cents - locker rental at the ski slope

1 penny - just because no matter how I pay for things, I always wind up with pennies.

I'm curious to see what your interpretation of "money" is - and as a side-note - Photoshop would not let me edit this photo. According to the counterfeit laws, though, I'm okay.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

west river revisited

Last weekend we decided to head out with our guests for another snowshoeing adventure.
Or - I think that is - Greg and I decided to head out snowshoeing and
told our guests to be sure to bring their snow gear - they were going to need it.
Yeah.... we're gracious hosts...

It was a pretty day though,
 - and we all enjoyed trying to find catamount tracks.
Although, I'm pretty sure they were all dog prints.

And while I practiced taking photos with the lens I got for Christmas,
Greg took better photos with his iPhone.
Hmmmm, I kind of hate that...

And I won't say which is which.

A little frozen water for Wednesday

And while these photos may look cold,
the weather we have right now makes last weekend seem downright balmy!

Have a great week!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

londonderry barn

Once again, the weekend nearly got away from me.
We had company at Away this weekend and enjoyed a little snowshoeing. 
I was afraid I'd have to dig into my archives for another barn,
when I spied this one coming home from the Vermont Country Store.

I think our guests are getting used to these little side trips, scouting for barns.
It could be worse - right?

Another charming barn with natural wood siding.
I'm wondering why so few barns in Vermont are painted.

But then, I like the way these barns blend into the landscape.
Joining - Barn Charm

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

motif no. 1

Motif #1 - Rockport, Massachusetts
frozen in time

During our winter recess, Chicago-daughter was feeling the need for a seaside visit
as well as a fresh lobster roll.
A visit to nearby Cape Ann fit the bill.

This little red fishing shack, built in the 1840s, was dubbed "Motif #1" by an artist and painting instructor because of its immense popularity among art students. Painted innumerable times by various artists,
Motif #1 is thought to be North America's most painted building.

Little changed since the 1840's, this charming shack seems to be frozen in time.
The many paintings of this site that hang on walls all over the world

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

watery wednesday - boston public garden

A winter visit to the Boston Public Garden

In the summer, when the Swan boats are out and the flowers are in bloom, 
this is a popular destination for residents and tourists, alike.

It's a bit more serene during the winter months.

As a side note,
does anyone know how to make the web view the default on an iPad?
I could rant on and on about how annoyed I am that the default has changed to the mobile view.
Sheesh - you really don't want me to get started...
If anyone knows - I'd really appreciate the tips - thanks!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

barn charm - hiding in the forest

Winter is shaping up to be a busy season at Away
We're in a good spot for skiing and snow sports and hosting weekend getaways.

Last weekend was unseasonably warm and foggy - 
which made for some pretty interesting skiing, and very cool views atop Bromley mountain.
The Appalachian Trail passes through here.

I didn't get out with my camera as I thought I might,
but then I remembered that a couple of weeks ago I had found this barn hidden among the trees.
The red door jumped out at me.

The barn is connected to a pretty white farmhouse,
as is fairly common in Northern New England.

And I love the way it's nestled in the mountain forest.

Next weekend I plan to do a little more exploring -
my archive of barns is nearly depleted (yikes!)

And - as always -
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

watery wednesday - overlook trail revisited

Last Spring I hiked along the Overlook Trail in Jamaica State Park.
This time I ventured out with Chicago-daughter
- on showshoes.

It was a beautiful, sunny day - the first part of the trail follows the West River.
You can see it behind the trees - the reflection is so bright, it almost looks like snow.

-and a rare photo of me with Chicago-daughter
- wow it sure feels different on this side of the camera!
A kind lady saw me shooting photos of the river and offered to take a picture for us.
I'm hesitant to hand over my camera (you know, you can take the girl out of the city...)
but then - the image of a chase scene on snowshoes came to mind...

This is the section of the river called "the dumplings"
The snow on top of these boulders makes them look a bit more like marshmallows.

This was my first snowshoeing adventure, but it won't be my last.
I enjoyed it far more than I expected - and - I'm not nearly as klutzy on snowshoes as I am on skis.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

barn charm - snowy vermont barn

My first snowy barn shot of the year

Coming around the bend in the road,
it was the fence that first caught my eye.

and then -
 because I can't resist playing just a little bit.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

sundays in my city - christmas in boston

I work in the city, so during my off-time - I generally like to escape.
But -

there's something magical about Christmas-time in Boston.

And one of my all-time favorite strolls has to be
down the Commonwealth Avenue Mall at night.

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Unknown Mami

Saturday, January 5, 2013

top shot - wild turkeys

A snowy December afternoon,
out with my camera - scouting for barns,
and flock of wild turkeys caught my eye.

Sometimes, I'm just not fast enough with this whole picture-taking thing,

but watching the wild turkeys flying through the snowy landscape was certainly a sight to behold.

And I always thought turkeys were such awkward birds...
I'm joining Weekly Top Shot at The View from Right Here

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

looking forward to 2013

Oh well, the holidays have come to an end and it's time to welcome 2013.
I hope you all had a wonderful time - however you spent the holidays.
I enjoyed a little time away - some rest and relaxation
and this week -
it's back to grind (so to speak)

We were very lucky to have Chicago-daughter and Nearby-apartment-daughter (along with her kitty)
home for Christmas.
While I enjoyed playing with a new camera lens,

Greg was looking forward to heading to Vermont (yikes) -

Where he got lots of use out of his new hat!
I was feeling a little guilty snapping photos while he worked - but then, do you see that smile?

I do believe he's enjoying himself...

it's a new year and the new years resolution thing - yeah, one bag of Hershey's kisses later, that hasn't happened yet.
So many improvements, so little time...
How about you? Have you made any resolutions you're determined to keep?

One thing I did accomplish - I finally managed to add a Google Friend Connect Follow button to my sidebar.
So - if you're following by RSS or email and prefer GFC, please feel free to make the switch.
If you're not currently following, I'd love to have you join me.
And - as always,

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