away for the weekend: July 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

lazy saturdays

Our deck painting project seems to be putting a damper on our weekend adventures
- or rather, that would be Greg's deck painting project -
So far, I've managed to escape by heading to the farmer's market.

Anyway - last weekend after a morning of painting in the hot sun,
our Saturday afternoon conversation went something like:
"So - what would you like to do this afternoon>"
"I don't know - you?"
"I don't care - what do you have in mind?"
"Nothing, really - but I'll do something if you want to"

Sooooo... yeah... that went nowhere -
I started playing with the manual setting on my camera
and here is our lazy Saturday afternoon.

"Hello? Help? We have an uninvited visitor over here"

"What? Who - me?
Who says I'm not invited?

"hmmm Finches and Foxes -  Facebook update"

"Finches, Foxes, Facebook - whatever...
I found a sunny spot for my nap."

Yeah - I know - life on our side of the mountain is full of excitement.

Quick update at home:
Maggie has made it to Northern Maine and is somewhere in the "100 mile wilderness".
We hope she will make it to Mount Katahdin (end of the AT) sometime this week.
With any luck she'll be home by Friday - because
Laura and her fiance, Jeff, are having their engagement party next weekend.
And so, summer flies by.

How is your summer going so far?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

fences and ramblings

So - I think I have a case of blogger's block -
which started when work got crazy, and all I did in the evening was veg 
- and pin...
Yeah, pinning is kind of mindless
- like - Ooooo, pretty picture (pin)
Well - except for having to choose a board to pin it on
Oh yeah, hard work, that...

Anyway, work is back to normal :-)
and I'm still pinning lots and lots of pretty pictures -
and I have blogger's block

So - I did manage to break away from Pinterest long enough for a bike ride with Greg

rolling through the Vermont countryside

hills, barns, fences, marble...

did I mention hills? - Yeah, lots of hills...

And - what is up with Feedly?
I logged in one day and my app didn't work.
- Nothing -
And then, since I'm so very patient with all things technical,
I deleted it and said -
well, it doesn't matter what I said -
So anyway, now I'm trying to get my feed set up on Bloglovin'
and I'm so very sorry if I haven't visited you in a while.
I should probably find a chapter of Pinner's Anonymous,
and free up some time to figure out this bloggy stuff.

Whew - and that's all my rambling for today.

I am joining Theresa for Good Fences
Have a great afternoon!