away for the weekend: July 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

52 photos - down below

Chicago-daughter is home for the week,
and I'm taking some time off from work.
It's one of those vacations where we're going here and there -
doing this and that...
Yeah.... I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation.

Last weekend, while Chicago-daughter headed off to Cape Cod with some friends,
Nearby-apartment-daughter, Greg and I took a day trip to Quechee Gorge.

We were fascinated, watching the kayakers down below,
navigating a short section of white water.

after making it through this narrow piece of the river,
they would pick up their kayaks and climb over the rocks to the beginning -
and do it all again.

We walked the trail to the bottom
where we got a very different view from below -

the water was a bit calmer here - and families explored.
Or, did as Nearby-apartment-daughter did -
and simply enjoyed taking in the sights

Today is my mom's birthday -
and we're heading to her beautiful seaside town for a little birthday celebration.
And I'm wishing you all a very nice day!

I'm joining 52 Photos Project for "Down Below"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

52 photos - meditation in vermont

I do think that it's nearly impossible to pass by a river or waterfall (or even a road construction site) 
in Vermont without spotting these -

I found these little stone structures last weekend while exploring South Londonderry.
For some reason, in my mind, I've always pictured yogi meditating near them -
which I never quite understood.
My curiosity finally got the better of me,
and after looking it up - I learned that the meditation is in the act of stacking the rocks -

- which I still really didn't get, because, you know -
this actually looked kind of easy to me.
Soooo, I quickly gave it a try.
Mine toppled within seconds - okay, so I guess maybe not so easy.

Then -
last night Greg stumbled upon a blog post called "A Monument to Love" about a young man who has devoted the last few month building these "cairns" in memory of his beloved dog.
When I took this photo last month (this is a different location from the photos above) -

I wondered if there was a story to go with it.
The updated photo is amazing!

Someday, I think I'm going to give this a real try.
I have a feeling the meditation would do me a world of good.
How about you - do you have an activity that you find meditative?

I am joining 52 Photos Project - the topic this week is "Layered or Stacked"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

south londonderry, vermont

We've had a long stretch of hot and steamy weather, here in New England.
It's a little unusual - but then it is July - so....
Saturday, Greg and I decided to head out for a little mountain biking.
Much of the riding is in the woods - which helps keep things relatively cool.
At one point, we came off the trail in the little village of South Londonderry.

This little post office caught my eye - and you know what that means...
As I'm taking a photo, a man stops and gives me a curious look.
"Quite a charming post office you have, here." I say to him.
"Well, let me tell you" he says, "I am full of stories"
We chatted for a while about the changes his village has gone through over the years.
As it turns out, this post office was once a drug store with a soda fountain - and a barbershop behind it.
I would have liked seeing that.

The main road runs along a river - which has caused its share of problems over the years-
although, you'd never know it right now.

I frequently drive through South Londonderry,
but I enjoyed slowing down a bit and taking a closer look.
(Yeah, I don't really ride bikes for exercise...)

Do you enjoy discovering new things about the places around you?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

52 photos - my "healthy you" hike

So we're doing this thing at work -
the "Healthy You Challenge" -
it's totally optional, but then, who doesn't want a little healthy challenge?
Yeah, well, anyway - we wear these pedometers and sync them up on a website that tells me:
"You average 3,000 steps per day - your colleagues average 7,500"
Say what!?!?!
Yeah, I know, I work in an office...

I guess there's nothing like being told I'm not keeping up with my colleagues to send me hiking.
Not that I'm competitive, or anything...

So on my walk I found:

sunglasses hanging on a tree

a tree growing out of a boulder

and a beautiful view at the top.

Ha! 11,300 steps - that should beat my colleagues average
errrrr - make me so much healthier :-)

This was a great little hike in Townshend State Park
I'm thinking we'll do it again in the Fall for a little leaf peeping.

For more great walks, head to 52 Photos Project where the theme this week is:
"I went for a walk and this is what I found:"

Have you taken any interesting walks lately?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

our world tuesday - boatin' in bawlmer

Wow - it feels like ages since my last post.
I don't know, it seems as though all I've felt like doing lately is playing couch potato.
Maybe it's the heat...

Today, I'm going to switch things up a bit
- and take you to the nautical setting of the Chesapeake Bay.
Nope - no barns here...

Last week, my brother-in-law and his beautiful wife hosted a family get-together
on their boat -
where their laid-back, fun-loving style welcomes you the moment you step aboard.

Yep - no kidding!
We enjoyed evenings of laughter and sea breezes

soaking up some sunshine

4th of July fireworks

and as it was Independence Day,
we greeted the Francis Scott Key buoy with a rousing chorus of our national anthem

- although I was more occupied with trying to take not-too-blurry photos on a rocking boat.
Have I mentioned that I totally lack "sea legs"?
These birds seemed completely unappreciative of our musical abilities.

And then, of course, no trip to Maryland is complete without a crab dinner by the shore.

I'm even getting pretty good at picking them
- but I may need some work on my facial expressions - ewwwww

One of the many benefits of being the photographer - no posing
but I'd say my family is looking pretty happy after all that crab picking.

And to my family who asked whether I could post about our get-together
Well - yes I can - even without any barn photos :-)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!