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Thursday, February 23, 2017

essence of away - winter version

I've been enjoying Kim Manley Ort's book - Adventures in Seeing
This week, our call to adventure is "Essence"
in a series of photos, I hope to capture the essence of our weekends at Away
- winter version -
(I may need to re-do this exercise in the summer)

A couple of years ago, our oldest daughter, Maggie,
visited us during a particularly snowy week in December
(she is convinced that she was meant to be a Southerner
- let's just say that winter isn't her favorite season)

After being snowbound for a day,
and then venturing out, only to get our car stuck in a snowbank on the side of our driveway
- and cancelling dinner plans (opting for a pot of chili at home)
she remarked: It feels like summer here
Me: ummmmmm.......?
Maggie: No, not the weather - but you know how summer just feels different?
Me: (smile)
Maggie: It's like that here, relaxed... friendly, less stressed - like summer

the essence of weekends at Away
and while I'm not fond of living in two homes,
Away provides a place to unwind from our stressful weekday life
and for that, I am very thankful

I'm joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday
and Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday Five

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

photo challenge #13 - reflection

So, I've actually had this one ready to go for a couple of weeks
- and I thought I had set it up to automatically post,
but I didn't, and it didn't
- and so it goes...
Do you ever do that? Have something ready and then...?

When I saw this prompt, I thought - huh?
I mean, I'm pretty sure I've had several recent photos with reflections
Yes - well - maybe they weren't intentional
I guess...

So - a bright sunny winter day,
driving along the coast - we stop at Gloucester Harbor
- Greg gazing at the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial

Next up - Sun Flare
(hmmm, pretty sure I've caught a few accidentally - I have a little reading to do...)

Thanks for dropping in!

EF24-105mm F/4L IS USM
105mm ISO200 1/60 sec at f/8.0