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Thursday, November 16, 2017

thankful thursday - thanksgiving and family

Flowers in my window

in my usual Monday morning bleary-eyed state,
I chatted with my commuter train friends.
One mentioned getting ready for Thanksgiving - next week
Me: Nooooo - it's not next week!
Commuter friends smile - exchange glances - nod
Me (insistent): But it can't be! Don't we have two more weekends?
(there may have been a teensy bit of whining, there)
Commuter stranger in the next seat looks up from her laptop: No - it's next week
Me: sigh - I haven't even thought about food yet...

So, yes - Thanksgiving is next week
- and I am thankful for that
The shopping and meal preparation will get done
- and the table set
I am looking forward to dinner and a few extra days with my family.
(and our annual tractor parade - it's a Vermont thing)

I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday

Thanks for dropping in!

Photo challenge #20 - Bokeh

Sunday, November 12, 2017

photo challenge #19 - shoes

Ummmm - yeah - about that photo challenge...
I left off with week 18 - "week off"
which, as it turns out - I truly excel at.
- I've done that prompt repeatedly for - oh, I don't know, lots of weeks...

So - in the spirit of keep on keeping on...
my prompt for this week - shoes

- or rather, a giant pile of ski boots
- Okay, so I'm really not much of a "shoe" person...
Driving down the road, this mound of boots,
(which is much larger than this photo suggests)
is one of those things that make me go "hmmmmm"

A friend once told me about visiting the shop next to this pile o' boots,
hoping to have a buckle repaired on her favorite ski boots.
The clerk explained that the newer boots no longer used the same buckle
- about to turn her away when he ran out to this pile -
and voila - a replacement buckle was found.

So - yeah - that is all I know about this mountain of boots,
except that every time I drive by, I kinda, sorta, wanta throw my old ones on top.

next up - Bokeh

Thanks for dropping in - I wish you a wonderful day!