away for the weekend: photo challenge week #5 - door(s)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

photo challenge week #5 - door(s)

"Library doors are a gateway to anywhere."

Boston Public Library - Copley Square

Yeah - so - this challenge had me stumped
doors - everywhere - mostly nondescript...
Then I happened upon the quote above
- and because - well - I can spend hours in a library - exploring
I knew what I needed to do -
Another lunchtime walk to Copley Square,
watching as people entered this majestic gateway to anywhere...

"I always felt if I can get to a library, I'll be OK." Maya Angelou

Next week - from a low angle

Other than home - what are your favorite door(s) to walk through? -
(real or metaphorically)

EF-S18-55 f3.5-5.6 IS II
35 mm 1/100 sec at f/4.5

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  1. Great... the challenge made you think outside of the box.
    Somewhere an elderly lady reads a book on how to use the internet, while a young boy googles "how to read a book". LOL

  2. A very beautiful door. Have a wonderful new week!

  3. ooooh andy's comment is great!! my favorite door's to walk through, anywhere that my boys are. i enjoy walking through the doors of a movie theater, escaping reality for a while. and the doors exiting the hospital, after a long, inpatient stay!

    the image is awesome, i am loving the reflection - and you're right, most door are nondescript and don't evoke any special feelings!!

  4. As an avid reader, I love doors to libraries as well, though it's the destination rather than the door itself that draws me. OLD doors may be my favorites to walk through. I love old homes and old buildings, and enjoy any chance I get to explore one.

  5. How true that quote is. I am recently changing my living room, and have a huge bookcase. My daughter told me I should donate all my books... My husband was wondering if she had ever met me. Books are the gateway to everywhere, and love your lunch shot

  6. That is a wonderful quote. I do enjoy walking into the door at work. Teaching can be crazy, but it is still great.

  7. I am really enjoying following along with you on your challenge....I love old beautifully carved doors as I always feel there must be an adventure just waiting to happen behind that door. Kinda like C.S. Lewis wrote about in some of his books. I love the reflection of the iron work in your photo....So pretty...

  8. A wonderful doorway to an amazing place. Sometimes we do take doors for granted, but they really do lead us into and out of some beautiful places. I love old shop doors with tinkling bells :) xx K

  9. What a beauty this is, Karen!
    I think that door are some of the most interesting subjects to photograph.

  10. Didn't you find the most wonderful & enchanting door for your challenge! I love it & the possibilities this library entrance presents to all who venture through its doors!

  11. Great perception with the door! Love the quote... I don’t have a fav door but I always like to step out of the door.

  12. I think street photography could become a thing for you!

  13. I am fascinated by doors, old and new. Something about the door being the gateway to what's hidden behind maybe. I especially love doors in old buildings, because there's nothing utilitarian about them. Even a modest building can have a grand doorway, and I love that.


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