away for the weekend: October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what's up?

Well, hey there! What's up?

We drive by this farm every week and always look to see if the alpaca are outside. This week I couldn't resist that smiling face (that is a smile, isn't it?)

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Monday, October 29, 2012

barn charm - chicken fun

It was a quiet weekend in Vermont -
and after the devastation of Irene last year,
Vermonters are understandably apprehensive over Sandy's impending visit.
Here in Massachusetts, our Governor has declared a state of emergency
- so - we're all just waiting it out...

After running a few errands on Saturday -
including refueling at our favorite coffee shop,
we spent the afternoon exploring.

These chickens required a quick u-turn.
Seriously, I think I'm enamored!

So much so that I forgot to get a great shot of the barn...

Quite the little personalities!

And - I think they're very lucky to have such a beautiful home!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday - a day on campus

A Stroll through Campus
As the daylight hours grow shorter, I've come to realize that my best photo opportunities are at work – and fortunately for me, I work on a college campus where there is always something going on and the atmosphere is vibrant!
So please come walk with me as I tour my campus for this week’s scavenger hunt.

I often walk through the Art Gallery in the Student Center. The exhibits change frequently, and this particular exhibit caught my eye. The patterns of fabric and stitching in this quilt are truly exquisite. More work by the artist (as well as closeups of this one) can be seen here.

- my favorite kind of machine and apparently a favorite among students, as well.

Signs or Logos
As you can probably imagine, it’s nearly impossible to walk through a college campus without spotting hundreds of logos - t-shirts, sweatshirts, notebooks, bags… they're everywhere. This guy is my favorite - his image is used in many of our logos. Beloved by students and alumni (and even staff), it’s believed that rubbing his nose brings good luck. You can see that his shiny nose is rubbed often!

Rocks or Stones

The stone fa├žade of the modern library adds an earthy touch to the urban setting.

I walk by this sculpture daily going to and from my car but never noticed how it sparkles in the sun until walking past it at mid-day.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

five facts - empty nesting

Empty Nesting

So – it’s been a couple of weeks now that Greg and I officially became Empty-Nesters. With one daughter in Chicago and the other in an apartment nearby, this has been a time of adjustment. This week I am sharing 5 facts (observations) about our new – ahem – condition. 
1) We don’t live in a large house, but that doesn’t keep it from feeling too large. I’m just not sure what to do with so much empty space – do we really need two empty bedrooms and a rarely-used family room?

2) I can almost - almost - imagine what our house will look like without dirty coffee cups, shoes, and tote bags lying around everywhere. She is going to come back to take those things, too, right?

3) I am unexpectedly missing the cat. Don’t get me wrong, I knew I’d miss my daughter – but missing the cat took me just a teensy bit by surprise. I keep expecting her to jump on my lap whenever I sit on the couch to read. I should be happy – no litter box smell and all that – but…

4) Now that we spend our weekends in Vermont, and we have more space than we need at home – maybe it’s time to start thinking Condo? Maybe a condo near the beach? Just a thought…

5) Visiting my children in their own homes is kind of fun – a bit of a role switch. Now if I could just get them to host Thanksgiving dinner…
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

rural thursday

Well - as I suspected might happen, we missed peak foliage in Vermont.
All those farms, barns, and covered bridges nestled in the mountains ablaze in color.
Yep - I missed it.
Grrrrrr - sigh....
Okay - I'm over it. Better luck next year, and all that...
Anyway -
We were happy to spend last weekend with some very old friends (you know what I mean),
and after attending a really great craft show, we headed over to Taylor Farm to
replenish our cheese supply.

The chickens make me laugh - just a little bit (okay, maybe a lot).

And just look at all those bare trees!
No really, I'm over it...

And if I knew a little more about farming,
I might understand what keeps the cows from walking over the edge...

One thing I do know - I always have fun visiting this farm.
And - they make some great Gouda!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

barn charm - happy columbus day!

Happy Monday, everyone.
Do you ever find yourself enjoying a holiday and completely forgetting that you're supposed to be celebrating something?
Today, many many years ago Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas.
So - thank you Christopher Columbus!
I will be doing what thousands of Americans are doing today and hitting the mall.
I know, I know - ugh...
But really, my work wardrobe is in desperate need of help.

Sooo - on to something MUCH more fun.
This week's barn

I found this one hidden on a backroad in Vermont.

I think I'd like to see this flower garden in the Spring!

Is that tree growing through the roof of that little side building?
Which do you think was there first?

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday

It's Sunday again, and that means -
time for a Scavenger Hunt!

This week in Boston, the weather has been mostly dreary -
and the first cue is


I feel the need to apologize for this one. I was on my way out the door yesterday, when the sun suddenly peaked through the clouds. I quickly snapped this shot before losing the sun again.


She did it - my youngest moved out.
These are the keys to her very first apartment.
Yep - it's a pretty old place, and let me tell you, these keys require practice!!


 I completely forgot this cue -
Sooooo, last night I followed Greg around with my camera.
Saturday night and a bottle of wine - what's not to smile about?


Fortunately, Autumm foliage in Vermont requires no editing.


I stumbled upon this stand at the farmer's market yesterday morning.
Along with all these spices, there were many herbs and teas. I bought some red rooibos chai, which smelled
 de-lish! Orders can be place online here.

For more Scavenger Hunt, head on over to Ashley Sisk's.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

barn charm and a blissfully dreary weekend

It was a rainy, dreary weekend
and I really didn't mind.
Although I love being outdoors,
rain give me the excuse to just hang around a read.
There's something about rainy afternoons on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea...

I drive by this barn almost every weekend,
and finally stopped to snap its picture a couple weekends ago.

I really like the chippy red paint.

You can see the leaves were starting to change.
Now - they're almost in full color, and I'm afraid I will miss my opportunity to capture it.
(the downside of spending a rainy weekend lazing around indoors...)
Oh well,
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, too.

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