away for the weekend: day tripping - saratoga springs

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

day tripping - saratoga springs

A couple of weekends ago,
Greg and I, along with our friend, decided a little exploring was in order.
Destination - Saratoga Springs

Where there truly are mineral springs - many of them

This area was sacred ground to Native Americans of the Iroquois Nation
known as "Medicine Spring of the Great Spirit"
In the 1800's visitors flocked to area resorts to "take the cure"
New York, later declared 800 acres as state reservation
 - creating Saratoga Spa State Park


And - after tasting the water for myself,
I decided that before drinking anymore,
I pretty much needed some kind of guarantee that this was the fountain of youth...
But Greg was enjoying it - (I'll be looking for signs of - you know - youthfulness)

Sunlight playing through the arcade - part of the Hall of Springs
As Greg and Bonnie explored, I was taking my own little photo walk.

The park also has a performing arts center
- ballet -

- and music -

And then - heading into town,
Well, Golly

so many fun shops to poke around in

- not to mention a fantastic chocolate shop 
where I bought a waffle cone full of some kind of awesome deliciousness
No photos - I ummmm - didn't want it to melt
To make up for it - I give you this rusty metal pig
- which is way more cool to look at, anyway

And that wraps up our day trip to Saratoga Springs -
but I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself
and I'm not kidding about that chocolate shop - I kind of want to go back - right now...

I am joining Tom for Tuesday's Treasures
and Lady Fi for Our World Tuesday

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. Saratoga Springs sure is a treasure! I haven't been there is years, I guess that I should make a return trip. Thanks Karen for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Looks like a lovely town and a great place to browse on a weekend.

  3. A interesting place to visit. Thanks for the great photos.

  4. you are so funny! love the rusty pig and those ballet slippers! neat little place!

  5. I already sense a youthfulness coming from you.

  6. I've never been, but it sure looks like a fun outing. I love that G. Willikers storefront. :-)

  7. This entire area is truly so beautiful.
    I am so glad you enjoyed your time there.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. what an interesting and beautiful area! good luck to greg on his quest for youthfulness, he looks like a believer. i enjoyed all your pretty images but was especially drawn to those pretty ballet slippers - i bet it was lovely to walk around that area and hear the music!!

    i like the "hanging balls" (i can't think of another way to say that) they sure are beautiful. i'm sure you got a good chuckle out of that!!!

    love the pig - if i don't see you again, happy thanksgiving!!!

  9. A very interesting place to visit and I love the ballet shoe

  10. Saratoga Springs! We purchased our very first home in downtown Saratoga and we go back to visit whenever possible. What good memories we have there and what a fun place for a day trip. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  11. It sure looks like a fun and interesting place to visit. I like the ballet shoes, metal pig and of course chocolates! I am following you at google connect and G+. I invite you to follow me too!

  12. Hello Karen,
    That must be special to drink of that source water.
    And what a funny shot of that metal pig. So nice.

    Kind regards,

  13. This sound really cool and inspiring to taste the spring water... the hall of springs looks beautiful. The chocolate shop looks delicious with all the decors.

    Love the metal pig

  14. I was there about five years ago. It's really a great town.

  15. Oh what a great place to visit! Love the springs (did you get any younger, for sure? :-) ) and loved the pig and the red shoes!

  16. I love the ballet slippers art!!! And my grown daughter would LOVE the metal pig sculpture [she collects pig things!]

  17. Never mind the fountain of eternal youth, Batman, we need to go back for more chocolate! My kind of place to poke around too!


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