away for the weekend: April 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

misty mountain morning

It was a busy winter -
skiing, snowshoeing, enjoying a warm fire with a good book
(and maybe a glass of wine - or two...)

Then - it seemed that everyone was talking about Spring -
and I thought - Wait, what? Is it really time for Spring?
(which is probably a good thing - considering Spring is a late arrival here...)

But then - a couple of weeks ago, I woke up to the most beautiful misty morning.
I grabbed my camera, hoping to catch the light -
and stepped out on our deck to a balmy 40 degrees 
- yeah, I know - it's all relative.

But then I realized - hey, it is Spring.
Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I pulled up a chair and had a nice chat
 with my little feathered friend.
We both agree - it's definitely time to bid Old Man Winter a fond farewell.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

computer crashes and weekends

It's confirmed -  my computer crashed
and we're going to have to start all over.
Darn those Microsoft updates! (to put it very nicely...)
It's a good thing Greg is very patient with this sort of thing-
because - if it was up to me, by the time I finished throwing my tantrum diligently working on fixing it,
there would be too many tiny jagged pieces to bother with.

Anyway - it promises to be a beautiful Spring weekend in New England
- ending with the Boston Marathon on Monday

We'll be rebuilding my computer - which means I get to reload Photoshop all over again
 and organize my photos all . over . again.

So when I get to these,
I'll be filing them under "Things that keep me up at Night"

or maybe "Things that keep my hair stylist in business"

And it would seem that my
is now somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley, having hiked more than 750 miles - so far.

And here I thought that the whole crocs-as-camp shoes thing would have her running home
 for a Tory Burch fix long before now.
It just goes to show you - Mom doesn't always know everything.
Please don't tell my kids I said that...

I hope you have a fun filled weekend planned!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

boston fencery

So - I went out last weekend and took lots of photos
- downloaded them to my computer
-installed updates
- and -Crash!

Ummmm, yeah, my mistake was installing the updates...
Not good...

So anyway - I found this photo of a some Boston fencery on my iPhone
I took it while out walking earlier this week - can you see the signs of Spring?
I've always liked these old brick apartment buildings
- and the way that in the midst of a busy city, you can find quiet tree-lined streets

and that whole computer thing? - yeah, we'll see - grrrr

Friday, April 11, 2014

random five - those blogging moments

As bloggers, we recognize that there are probably as many reasons to blog as there are bloggers.
Some blog about a topic they're passionate about, some are building their blog to become a source of income, and some have no real clue why the heck they're blogging.
I bet you can guess which category I fit into...

and when life gets hectic - as it often does - I think to myself
"time to throw in the towel"

but then - I remember those blogging moments.
We all have them - the things that keep us going.
Here are a few of mine

That moment when I got my first comment that wasn't from a family member.
Remember that rush?

That moment when someone I didn't know was following me, mentioned 
something in conversation that they only would have known from reading my blog.
- And that shy smile that follows with the comment "I love your blog, I check my feed every day"

That moment when it dawned on me that a blogger I had been following is following me back.

That moment that I realized that within the huge world of blogs,
there are friendly little neighborhoods of bloggers.

That moment when I found myself thinking about other bloggers as friends.
I hope she had nice weather for her son's wedding...
I wonder if her daughter had her baby...
I hope he has fun on his camping trip this weekend...
I hope his move goes well...
I wonder why she hasn't posted in a while - I hope she's well...

So - those are five of the aha moments that keep me from giving it up.
How about you? I'd love to hear your memorable aha blogging moments!

(Oh yeah, the photos have absolutely nothing to do with anything - they are from last month
 - Grafton, Vermont - a truly quaint little village!)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

boston lunch break

So, I admit - I'm beginning to find the city a bit tiresome
- it's probably an age thing... shhhhh
- but -
some days, I really enjoy getting out for a lunchtime walk, and I find all that urban energy
well - ummm - energizing.

No city loves baseball quite like Boston does.
(If you have your doubts - check this out)
And since my office is a hop, skip, and a jump from Fenway Park,
I hopped on over to join the excitement of opening day.

There are quiet areas, too - but is it just me,
or does this tree make things look a bit creepy?
hmmm - I'm going to have to revisit in the summer...

And then - through a tall iron fence,
I spied this mural in a parking lot near Symphony Hall.
Pretty sure that's Seiji Ozawa staring me down.

How about you - city, country, or a little of both?