away for the weekend: sunday sunrise

Saturday, November 5, 2016

sunday sunrise

Parker River - Newbury, Massachusetts

So - after scouting sunrise locations on Saturday,
I checked my weather app - no rain, and sunrise at 7:16 am

Me: Sunrise tomorrow is at 7:16 - that's not too bad
Greg: Cool, have fun
Me: What? You're not coming? But you were up at 6 this morning
Greg: Okay, well - maybe
Me: I need you to make the coffee, because, you know - I have to get dressed
(guys don't have to get dressed - right?)

Anyway - we got the details all squared away (no arm twisting involved)
and at 6:30 am we set out - hot coffee in hand :-)

and as it turns out
there's a lot more to taking photos at sunrise than scouting locations at the wrong time of day
and showing up at the right time...

- yeah - I really should have known that...

- as we watched the sky brighten and turn pink on the horizon
the sun rose behind us - hidden by trees

but the blues and pinks were so pretty, anyway

and the reflections on the river...

and after packing up - I walked across the bridge to the other side of the river
and found where the sun was rising...
live and learn

This weekend, we "fall back"
making sunrise around 6:15 (or something ridiculous like that)
so, I'll probably not repeat this exercise for a while
in the meantime, I'll do a little studying

Have a great weekend - and for those of you in the USA
- enjoy that extra hour!


  1. I don't see anything "wrong" with your sunrise photos! As you said, the colors are beautiful, and the compositions are, too. Actually, some of my favorite sunrise (and sunset) photos are of the horizon opposite where the sun is doing its thing.

  2. your return trip was definitely worthwhile! rewarded in pinks and blues.

  3. The colors and reflections are so pretty. I dread the time change! Lots of dark hours ahead for winter! Wishing you a very nice Saturday.

  4. awwwwwww

    purdy...good place to be at sunrise

  5. Wonderful mellow photos of the rising sun tinting the day. I love the one of the wooden house with the water in the background. All tell stories of new beginnings. Thanks for getting up and getting out to greet the sun.

  6. Soft pinks and blues were gorgeous regardless! Thanks...:)

  7. they are absolutely gorgeous, really!!! everything about these images is perfect!!!

  8. LOL funny story for your sunrise adventure.

  9. Hi Karen! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures as much as seeing your great photos! The colours are gorgeous!
    Enjoy your extra hour!

  10. You got some pretty photos.

  11. Your shots are beautiful!! I think the best colors are before old sol comes up and your colors are stunning!! Scott Kelby says once the sun comes up, your shoot is over


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