away for the weekend: June 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

morning awakening

So - vacations are made for sleeping in
- unless -
you happen to be running an impromptu early morning shuttle for wayward-daughter-hikers...

But then - one morning after an early morning drop-off,
I managed to come out of my sleepy stupor to notice
Hmmmm - the world looks different in the morning.
Yeah - I'm really not a morning person...
(although - I'm normally up early preparing for work - ummm, not the same thing)

So - I managed to ignore my instinct to rush towards my nearest caffeine source,
and pulled out my trust Rebel -

and watched

as the Vermont countryside

slowly awoke

to greet what turned into

a most beautiful day.

And then - I drove home and made myself a pot of coffee
- where I caffeinated myself, gazing at the mountains from my deck
and marveled at how wonderful morning can be.

I am joining TexWis Girl for Good Fences

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

braking for hikers

I brake for vagabonds hikers.

We caught up with Maggie and her friend, Greg, last week in Bennington, Vermont
 - which was an adventure in itself. Let's just say that google maps and my little Subaru heartily disagree on the definition of a road!

I spent the next few days making early morning dropoffs and evening pickups at various trailheads in Vermont, as they enjoyed a few days of "slackpacking".

One day - equipped with bug spray, a water bottle and hiking boots,
 I got the brilliant idea that rather than waiting in the car, I'd meet them on the trail.
And so began my short little adventure into the forest -
- alone -
- with the bugs, and bears and sounds of critters unseen -

I was quickly rewarded with a little cluster of lady slippers,

and a lovely stream accompanied by the calming sound of rushing water and birds singing,

and my wild imagination - alone - with the bugs and bears and sounds of critters unseen
- and after 45 minutes, I came upon a muddy spot that I couldn't hike around -
- and I thought - nope, I'm done for the day.
Yeah - backpacker I am not.

This was our last pick up and evening together in Killington, Vermont.
We enjoyed dinner at a great little Inn with an Irish Pub.
Surrounded by croc-clad feet, I could see that this is a favorite spot among backpackers.
(Which - yep - I'm not)

So - fewer than 500 miles to Mount Katahdin for these intrepid hikers.
I'm looking forward to our next pickup which, God willing, will be in Baxter State Park.
Did I mention the forest is full of bugs and bears and who knows what all those other critters are?

It's back to work for me, tomorrow -
but I surely enjoyed a few evenings filled with stories and laughter.