away for the weekend: photo challenge week #3 - the color red

Monday, November 14, 2016

photo challenge week #3 - the color red

One of my mostest favoritest colors!

as it turns out - red is everywhere
and my real challenge wasn't finding something red to take a photo of
but finding something red that spoke to me

So - back in Vermont - out for a country ramble,
I see this guy standing at the train station
- North Bennington, Vermont
and I tell Greg I need to take his photo

Clicking away, with the station as my backdrop,
I hear a train coming down the tracks
I could not have timed this if I had tried...
- which feels a little bit like cheating - but not really

So, I think this might actually be self-portrait #2
- I mean, like it or not - I am this guy
and all I can think is - look up, buddy - enjoy the moment!
 but there he stands - at the station - waiting...

Next up - From a High Angle

Happy Monday!!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i
EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II (kit lens)
1/60 sec at f/6.3 37mm


  1. the train made a perfect entrance for your 'red'. :)

  2. I love it when just the right thing happens at just the right moment. Makes one smile and that's important when you're taking photographs.....

  3. Great timing! You were spot on for this photo & the train is a red frame filler!
    Just be careful when taking next weeks photo challenge!

  4. Really fantastic timing, Karen!
    Love this.

  5. Nice. You went the extra mile mile to make your RED challenge interesting.

  6. What a beautiful shot! The red really does grab you.

  7. My head is making up stories about this photo - full of metaphor - that colorless "man" preoccupied, waiting, oblivious to the amazing, shocking color all around him. I wonder what I, wrapped up in my own concerns, miss of the world outside myself. Great image and yes, perfect timing!

  8. What could be better than a red engine...boys of all ages love trains!

  9. it's a great shot - and i could not enjoy your excitement more!!!

  10. I love your tie into this being you! That is very self-aware! And yes your timing was perfect.

  11. Love that guy waiting and how serendipitous that the train came and was RED! Perfect

  12. Oh, so love it when things work out like this. And I love trains, too.


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