away for the weekend: August 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

random five friday - happy labor day

We may not have seen any hawks last weekend, but the views from atop Putney Mountain were fantastic!

Yeah - you just never know what you'll find while hiking in the woods of Vermont.

Students are returning to the college campus where I work. It's beginning to feel a bit like Fall around here.

Today is the last day I'll be driving myself to work. Yep - I'm putting my daily commute into the hands of the MBTA

I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and hope you find a few moments to relax from your labors.
Love, peace, and joy!

I am joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday

Monday, August 26, 2013

tired and happy

There's a mountain in Putney, Vermont that is supposed to be a great place to watch hawks.
I've been wanting to do this ever since I read about it last Fall.
So, a couple weekends ago we headed out for this little adventure - 
but - I really should have read the blurb a little more closely.
Yeah - the hawk watch is in September and October.

Oops - well
along the way, as I sat chatting with a friend in the car,
Greg spotted this barn .
You know that feeling you get when you put in a hard day's work,
and at the end of the day you're feeling tired, but also happy?
That's what this barn makes me think of -

a cheerful, tired old barn.

Oh - and the hawk watch - I'll try again in a few more weeks.
But all was not lost. Not only did I get to take these photos, 
but -as it turns out Putney, Vermont also has a winery -
with wine tasting
( smile )

I am joining Tricia for Barn Charm.

Friday, August 23, 2013

complete randomness

Happy Friday!
It's time to join Nancy for a little randomness.

1) I was going to post this photo for 52 photos project "light and dark" 
but then, like usual, I was running late -
 and when I saw all the awesome photos of full moons, city lights, shadows and sun...
 - well, there's a teensy possibility that not everyone appreciates my sense of humor.
But hey, light and dark cows - what's not to love - right?

2) I've come to realize that I'm pretty terrible with most social medias -
yeah, whatever...

3) I think I'm going to try to make soap. Since I'm a bit of a skin care fanatic - it amazes me that I haven't thought of this before.

4) I finally got some business cards printed - it only took me about 5 months.
Yeah - I tend to over-think things...

5) I'm listening to an audio book by an author that Chicago-daughter describes as a "guilty pleasure" 
- she was an English lit major, so you can translate that to mean "major fluff"
Yep, it's pretty terrible - and yet - I can't wait to listen for what happens next...

So that's all for me - have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 16, 2013

random five - why 50 is nifty

My birthday is Monday, and I'm going to be 50 - again.
I know, most people would probably stay 49, but I'm good with 50.
I kind of wear it like a badge of honor. 
But that's it - I'm staying 50 for the indefinite future.
Besides - staying 50 means not having to do that math in the head thing whenever I try to remember my age.

Anyway -
for this week's random 5, I'm sharing 5 reasons why 50 is nifty.

1) The 20s were all about starting out - finding our way in the world, the 30s were all about the kids,
 the 40s were all about the teens (ugh) - 
so now the 50s get to be about me. 
I've reached a point in my life where I'm pretty comfortable just being me.

2) I've never had much style - and now I really don't care. 
When I'm not looking my best, a baseball cap and sunglasses do the trick.

3) I no longer ask myself what I want to be when I grow up.
Yep - I finally figured it out - retired!

4) I'm still young enough to think of myself as still being young enough -

5) I now understand that there are a whole lot of things that I can't control and 
I've gained the serenity to accept that - well, mostly
(okay, yeah, maybe the rest comes at 60)

That's it for me this week. We're headed to the Weston Playhouse to 
see (a small stage production of) 42nd Street!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

52 photos - unusual - horse in a window

I struggled a little with the prompt this week - thought I might have to take a pass. 
I'm not sure how to define unusual - and while I'd like to think that a sink hole in the streets of Boston causing traffic nightmares is unusual - well, really it's not.
(just another normal week, here...)

From my archives -

this horse gazes out of a third floor window in Galena, Illinois -
and, although it's not a real horse, there is still something just a bit disconcerting about it.

I'm thinking there must be a story behind a horse watching the activity from above, 
but Google let me down on this one, so if anyone knows the story -
I'd love to hear it!

I am also very much looking forward to seeing all the "unusual" entries over at
52 photos project

Have a great day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

barn charm - vermont weathered toppling barn

We stayed home this weekend to attend my niece's graduation party.
She's the baby in our family - sigh...

I also managed to spend a little time sorting through old photos - organizing -
and was pretty excited to run across this photo from last summer.
Weathered and toppling - but it looks as though it's still in use.

So this summer has been flying by, and my blogging has been rather sporadic.
Some days I'll think that I'm back on track and then the next day -
well, not so much...

How about you - do you find that summer has been messing with your routines?

I am joining Barn Charm

Monday, August 5, 2013

more scenes from south londonderry

After riding our bikes through South Londonderry,
and my camera battery dying mid-click - yeah, I'll never learn...
I decided to return in my car - (parking it at the post office),
and take a leisurely stroll through town.

How cute is this colorful birdhouse on a shovel handle? -
I'm thinking I need to copy this look -
the shovel that is - not the overgrown part
 - although...

This big guy was eyeing us warily
We returned the gesture...

I'm thinking this porch would be perfect for spending an afternoon with a good book and glass of iced tea.

And then - just for fun -

this handsome guy is my mom's cat, Oliver.
I call him Shy Guy.
Hmmmm - does it look as though he's eyeing me warily, too?
Yeah, I really have a way with cats.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 2, 2013

five on friday - vacation randomness

So - this week it was back to work, again -
and while I'm slow to get back into the swing of things,
it only took one commute into the city to pretty much wipe out a week of r & r...
Ahhhh well - it is what it is...

My backlog of photos is starting to stress me out, 
so for this week's five, I am sharing random images from my random week.

Greg and Chicago-daughter - taking a short pause during a hike.

We met up with these Appalachian Trail thru hikers at the top of Bromley mountain.
They were high as a kite, but I do admire their moxie.

Massachusetts lighthouse in my mom's seaside town.

I'm calling this awkward cutie "Woodrina"
Okay - yeah, I welcome suggestions...

Jamaica, Vermont Old Home Day celebration.

So that was my week in a nutshell.
I hope you're enjoying a little summer down-time, as well.
Have a great weekend!