away for the weekend: photo challenge week #2 - clouds

Monday, November 7, 2016

photo challenge week #2 - clouds

a girl, a camera, and a lunch break

Copley Square - Boston, Massachusetts

The cue this week is clouds
easy, peasy - right? - I see them almost every day
 - which made me think - hmmm - I see them almost every day
if an interesting cloud formation doesn't present itself,
what can I do that is - well, kinda, sorta different?

about a 15 minute walk from my office, the John Hancock Tower is all mirrored glass
(except it's not called that anymore - but I still do)
why do they keep renaming landmarks? It's confusing...

standing across the street from the tower, I caught the clouds reflecting off the glass
- with my 50mm, which I knew was the wrong lens for tight city spaces,
but stubbornly took it with me anyway - I'm oddly attached to this lens...

Oh, and then I googled the John Hancock tower to find out its new name
- and my computer filled with images of reflected clouds
- some from very cool perspectives, making me wonder - why didn't I think of that?
so much for different...
and, who even cares what the new name is? argh!

anyway - this was such a fun place to take photos
this girl and her camera - will be back!

On deck - the color RED - yippee! one of my favorite colors! hmmmm
Have a great day!

EF50mm f/1.8 II
1/200 sec at f/8.0


  1. i like the way you chide yourself. :) still a lovely shot in what's-its-name building.

    1. Haha-yes! It's mostly tongue-in-cheek - a reminder to myself to just have fun.

  2. Love the reflections in the glass, Karen. Have a lovely day.

  3. awwww, it's a beautiful image!!! i am forever saying "oh that's so pretty, i would have never thought of that"!! i would have never thought of "this" perspective!!!

  4. Who cares how somebody else did it? I like your version. Beautiful reflection! I love that wavy tower.

  5. So funny! I do that all the time after I take photos & see other photos of the same place and wonder why I didn't think of it that way! & that's a very awkward sentence! I don't think you should be so hard on yourself as I love this reflective shot!

  6. Keep your photo challenges coming. I am going to enjoy this.

  7. Super shot and I like your photo challenge.

  8. What a great reflection this is, Karen, and I just love that beautiful blue sky.
    Happy day to you.

  9. That girl and her camera packed a lot of beauty int a lunch break!

  10. I love photographing these amazing reflections in these buildings I especially love the combination of old and new architecture

  11. Cool shot and indeed wonderful reflection!


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