away for the weekend: boston public library

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

boston public library

Boston Public library
- established in 1848, it was the first publicly supported city library in the country.
The Copley Square location opened in 1858
 - designed to be a "palace for the people"

I often hear people say that libraries are obsolete
- yeah - they should really come here for a visit

because this library is alive and well
- and while I've been borrowing e-books for several years
this was the first time I actually stepped inside this location

which I'll admit - my first thought upon entering was "huh?"...

but this is not your library of yesteryear

ummmm - sorry - I seem to have a thing for reflections, lately
- kind of like two photos in one - or something like that
and never fear

- you can still find real books, here

Back out front, I stopped to snap these statues

and was photobombed by this dapper gentleman
(love it when that happens!)

So anyway - this was my first real experience with "street photography"
I learned a lot - and have a lot to learn
but as far as lunch breaks go - this definitely sets off the fun-o-meter
- and I'll be back - because, well, exploring Boston is a bit like

awe inspiring...

I'm joining Tom for Tuesday's Treasures
because the BPL is truly one of Boston's treasures

Do you enjoy visiting your local library?

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Karen, I hope that libraries never become obsolete. These old city libraries sure are treasures. Thanks so much for being there this week. I hope that you will stop back again.

  2. I JUST came from visiting a blog about old in comparison, I'm emotionally, yeah, so. I'm not over dropping my jaw by two millennia of history...but...Boston is a city I would love to spend weeks exploring, camera in hand.

    1. Haha - yes, it's all relative. For the U.S. there's lots to see.

  3. I love my local library. In this small Maine town, it's located in an old mansion (with a 1970's addition). The library in the town across the river is in a renovated old church. Both are wonderful buildings and I love going there.

  4. Books and their temples have always had a very special place in my life since early childhood. My mom took me on the street car to the big downtown St. Paul library "childrens room filled with books and a puppet theater. I've bee addicted to them ever since. :)

  5. I really enjoyed this series of photos in and around BPL! But my favourite is your last shot of the sweet ladies' expression of awe as they gaze upwards - that's priceless! great clicking!

  6. I love a good library and you captured some fine shots here. That dapper gentleman is a treasure. Love the socks and hat!

  7. Very big and impressive library. Great photos! Libraries are so important.

  8. this library is gorgeous and you photographed it beautifully!! i am not a reader of books or long stories and i have not visited my local library in years. i am glad to see that they are still a popular place!!!

  9. I haven’t visited any of the local libraries... but have attended library classes at school! This is a very interesting, excellent photo series on the public library and I really admire the differences from inside out. Well preserved building with state of the art facilities for readers!

  10. Awesome library! We have one in the city that is part old with old things in it, and part newer with modern stuff. Weird mix, but I guess it satisfies all architecture lovers. Mallory had an awesome one at school, not on campus but in town. I wish I had photographed it inside, I did the outside. Great lunch time adventures!

  11. My favorite libraries are the downtown Seattle main library, and some of the branches that are scattered around in the neighborhoods. Great architecture! I'll have to visit the Boston library one day... it's gorgous!

  12. Awe inspiring is right! Thanks for sharing your photos.


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