away for the weekend: photo challenge week #4 - from a high angle

Sunday, November 20, 2016

photo challenge week #4 - from a high angle

morning at Away
my favorite time - relaxed, quiet
enjoying a cup of coffee and reading about lines,
setting my book down and head up to the loft with my camera
time for practice...

Meanwhile - morning sun streams through the living room slider
- Greg, deep in thought - concentrating, learning 
relaxed in his "Vermont comfy clothes"
I'm certain he hears my camera clicking from some far away place - background noise
he'll soon be out puttering in the yard - busy with this or that
but for now, it's that perfect, peaceful slice of time
mornings in Vermont

Next week - Door(s)

I've decided to switch my photo challenge posts from Monday to Sunday
 - blogger's prerogative :-)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

EF50mm f/1.8 II
50 mm 1/40 sec at f/3.2


  1. Yes completely blogger's prerogative! I am always making tweaks. Lucky Greg to be part of your photography challenge. Love this slice of weekend life away.

  2. I thought they were Christmas trees on Greg's pants and he was getting in the spirit early....Loving following along with you on your challenge.

  3. It's a sweet capture - and who doesn't like comfy clothes!!

  4. Your photo from a high angle looking down on your hubby makes me think of smiling guardian angels! He is deep in thought but relaxed at the same time! Great snapshot!

  5. Comfy clothes are great especially on weekends. Since we are retired we like them anytime. I liked the angle and loved the fact that you have a loft (I am envious). As our mill apt is on one level, there is no loft here, alas.

  6. Great shot and he looks very comfortable sitting in that chair in his very comfortable clothes.

  7. You capture a best moment – deep in thought – with Greg! He relaxes at cosy


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