away for the weekend: photo challenge week #1 - self-portrait

Monday, October 31, 2016

photo challenge week #1 - self-portrait

When I set up this challenge - I didn't realize that this would be my Halloween post.

I've never been much of a "selfie" person
nothing wrong with it - just not my thing
so when I noticed that the first prompt on the photo challenge that I planned to use
was a self-portrait - my instinct was to remove it
because - you know - it's my challenge and I get to choose what I want
- but then -
 what's a challenge without the challenge?

yeah - this was - ummmmmm fun...

It took me a while to get it all figured out -
lighting, focus, pose...
What I originally wanted to do was completely different, 
but for the life of me, I could not figure out the angle.
Maybe I'll try again later - but then - yeah, probably not...

I took this shot as I was beginning to feel a bit frustrated
- and as I rushed to sit down (again), I started to laugh
- which probably explains why the focus could be better
But - this is me - curled up in my living room chair - downtime comfy
My favorite part of the photo - the blurry colors in the window!
I didn't plan it, but I really like the way it looks.

All adjustments were made in Adobe Lightroom
(my very, very, very favorite program - thanks, Greg!)
I like to keep things as real as possible, so do little more than a "clean" edit -
white balance, exposure, contrast, clarity, sharpness...

Whew - week one - check
Next up - clouds... hmmmm....

Your responses about camera lenses were so helpful - thank you!
so now - how about camera bags?
When you're out shooting - what do you carry with you and how?
Backpack? Purse? Tripod? Nothing but a camera?

Happy Halloween - don't eat too much candy - or do, and enjoy it!  :-)
(none of that guilt stuff)

EF50mm f/1.8 II
1/13 sec at f/2.5


  1. Good Morning and Happy Halloween, Karen. Such a lovely photo! I almost always grab one of my cats or dog to hold when someone snaps a photo of me! lol
    Hope you enjoy your favorite sweet treat today!

  2. This is adorable! And yes taking self-portraits and trying to nail pose, focus, facial expression, is a lot of work. But I guess that is what I like about it - it is really a challenge! Good for you to start hard, everything else will seem easy :)

    Camera bags - the million dollar question. I have not found "the one" yet and I have tried plenty. I know at this point in my life and with my bad shoulders and not so great back, the cross body bag no longer works for me, even carrying my camera cross body hurts my shoulder after a while, and the next day is not fun. I am slowly working on a new system. I have a large backpack bag that can carry most of my gear and my extra camera body. I have a small backpack that holds a camera body with lens and an extra lens that I carry when walking a location i.e. a botanical garden. I have gone from the cross body carry strap to a hand hold strap that I wasn't sure that I would like, but have fallen in love with. I just bought a Kelly Moore backpack purse, so that I can carry my camera with me more often, especially as I work on a couple of year long projects that require me to take my camera places with me other than just shooting landscapes. We will see how that works out. Bags are trial and error, you have to assess your needs and see what will work best for you.

    I can't wait for next week's challenge photo!

  3. Nice shot

    It isn't Halloween if you don't overeat chocolate.

  4. Self portraits are hard! I remember when we had to do them in photo classes, by the end I wanted to throw the camera out the window. For personal photography, I rarely go out with a ton of gear anymore. I've downsized to much smaller cameras that fit right into my purse. If I do happen to go out with the DSLR and lenses, I like the backpack type of camera bags. I rarely ever bring a tripod unless I'm certain I will need it. And Happy Halloween!

  5. i totally here you on a selfie and i really hear you on a selfie this close up. but you are beautiful and you nailed it, really!!!!

    i use a kelly moore camera bag. it's a bag, not a backpack but if i had it to do again, i would get a backpack. she does not carry the bag i have anymore!!!!

  6. I too am not a fan of selfies. You did a good job with yours though.

    Camera bags- I have a tamrac that I use. I use it mostly for transport and then when I get to my destination pull out the camera, extra battery and extra sd card to put in my pockets and go shoot. It has a dust/rain cover that I keep on all the time. It's easier and I never have to worry if a sudden gust of wind or rain comes along-my gear is already protected.

  7. You look great! Relaxed & happy! I like the set up, informal & fun!

  8. I would never have guessed this was a selfie! It's a great portrait; you look happy. My camera is a nice point and shoot with a good retractable lens and I carry with me all the time, usually in my purse which is a Baggalinni.

  9. I am going to enjoy this challenge. Keep on clicking.

  10. i think you're beautiful. and your smile looks warm and unassuming. :)

  11. Your self portrait is too nice to reduce to the title of "selfie". It really is lovely. As for camera bags - I'm not sure the perfect camera bag, like the perfect handbag, really exists. They are all either too big or not big enough, too light or too heavy, too fancy or too plain. I'm still looking.

    I have an old Domke photojournalist-type bag that I've had for years and keep all my gear in. It seldom leaves the house. I use my ONA insert that holds my dSLR body with a lens, plus an extra lens, with small pockets for extra battery, etc. I can slip it into any tote or backpack, turning them into an instant camera bag. I also have a small Lumix point-and-shoot that is my preferred camera for travel, since I never fly with more than a carry-on. But to be perfectly honest, what goes with me most these days is simply my iPhone, which fits neatly into my Teeny Baggallini. :-)

  12. It's a very good selfie! And the blurry window is wonderful! I'm not a selfie person. Recently when one of our children was putting together a photo collage, she noticed that there aren't many pics of me...Mom. Well, that's because I'm the one who always takes the pictures! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Nicely done, Karen! Aloha!

  13. myself, i enjoy doing selfies when i'm being the most silly or weird. ( ;

  14. It’s really a lovely portrait on your pretty self and well taken into challenge. I mostly edit mildly using Photoshop making certain the originality doesn’t lose.

    All the best with the photo challenge


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