away for the weekend: my little town - part 2

Thursday, October 27, 2016

my little town - part 2

Main Street - Rowley, Massachusetts
This weathered picket fence belongs to one of the many historic homes in my little town.

It looked sort of "Halloween" to me - maybe it would look cool decorated
- or not -

I kind of like it the way it the way it is

Willy Nilly 5 - blogging and commuting - a match made in ...??

- My typical day includes 3+ hours of commuting to and from work
(I know - sympathy is much appreciated)

-  But - it's not completely terrible - on the train, I mostly read
- both books and blogs

- And many thanks to the iPhone blogging apps that keep me in the blogging game

- Except when the train moves from great service to no service to mediocre service -
and my phone gets confused and starts doing that annoying spinning thing -
 usually right after typing a long-winded (but heart-felt)
 comment on your blog post - only to lose it (grrrr)
yeah - if you ever get a comment from me like "nice!"
blame it on my poor connection... the original comment was much better

- and then, those times when everything I type is complete gibberish
- or the word "shot" is misspelled
yeah - auto-correct fail
I don't mean to swear on your blog - I promise!

How about you? Do you use mobile blog reading apps? Any tips or tricks?

I'm joining TexWis for Good Fences
and Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday 5

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, I can imagine this old fence surrounding a crumbling haunted mansion! That's as about spooky as I can take it, though! I'm a scaredy cat!
    Too funny about the auto correct fail!

  2. laughing at your 'nice!' commentary and 'shot' misspelled. :) but i love the old, weathered fence!

  3. Hi Karen, Your fence photo looks like a good one for a mystery book cover! I did not know you had such a long commute. Like Tex, I giggle about the "mishaps" on comments. Wishing you a great day.

  4. Think that fence has a lot of character with or without halloween decorations! Has its own mystique for sure!

  5. That fence looks haunted without any help at all! You do have my sympathy about the commute, but I'm glad for you that you can ride the train. My sister in southern California has a similarly long commute, but must do it by CAR. She passes the time listening to podcasts and classic radio shows. I've never used a blog reading app on my phone, but do read blogs linked from Facebook on my phone or iPad. I often have trouble commenting, writing something wonderfully articulate only to have it disappear when I press Publish. Luckily for both of us, today I'm at my computer! :-)

  6. Made a nice shot, but could use a little tender care.

  7. I blog mainly from the laptop and it gives me convenient typing and easy reading.
    Nice capture on the fence and the weathered stems makes interesting view

  8. Creative fence shots and definitely fitting for Halloween ~ thanks!

    Wishing you a gentle weekend coming ~ ^_^

    ps. I love not too far away from you ~

  9. i like the fence, it is a great find and you photographed it well!!

    i am sending much sympathy for your commute, i don't think i could do that!! i would love to know what blogging app you are using, my phone updated, without my permission, and i lost my blogging app. i have searched several time and cannot find the one i was using!! help me, please!!!

  10. Hello!:) Weathered fences like this one, look a little spooky. This a great find for the Halloween season and Good Fences. Thanks for the smiles about misspelt words.:) I mostly write on my computer, which I find more reliable. I sympathize with your long train journey. Long long ago, in ancient times when I worked:) I used to comute by train too, and didn't really mind the two hour comute, except for the return journey, which seemed to take ages for me to reach home.

  11. I like the weathered fence just the way it is. - Wow a 3 hour commute, this is long. But there is the postive of being able to read or blog unless you have technology problems.

  12. I enjoyed the scene. Perfect for October! I seem to be the queen of misspelled words lately (Did I spell misspell right??) LOL

  13. Nice fence. Three hour commute not so much Perhaps you can get a lot of reading done...:)_

  14. That is a great fence, just the kind of spooky we see about now too! Happy Halloween isn't far off now!

  15. I teach 2nd grade, so no blogging for me during the day. Commute only 20 minutes. I am very fortunate.

  16. I like the nice haunted house vibe from that fence! And you make me laugh .... I wish I had something to blame for my typing errors )) But I sure don't want to trade my leisurely retirement hours for a three hour commute! If I've forgotten my Kindle, I'll read news on my phone when I'm filling/killing time between things or waiting for my husband while he shops at Home Depot, that kind of thing. I do read and comment on blogs from my IPAD sometimes, but prefer to use my laptop for that and definitely laptop to create my own posts.

  17. a kind of spooky fence shot for this time of the year

  18. That's a wonderfully spooky fence! You do get my sympathy.... :(

  19. Hello, I like this old fence and photos. I am just finding apps for my new iphone. Since I have retired, I do not miss the commuting. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  20. Wow, I can't even imagine that long of a commute! Love the fenec- it would be especially spooky in the early morning or late evening and really so if the old home it surrounds is haunted. !

  21. That fence is very cool. I wouldn't change a thing about it. You're lucky you can do all that on the train. If I tried to read or blog or anything like that while on a moving train, it would get very ugly pretty quickly. btw, I enjoy your blog very much, and you live in one of my very favorite places in the US. ~ Sharon

  22. 3+ hours of commuting - YUCK! But at least you can take the train and do other things. I don't use mobile apps. I have tried but without a real need for it, unlike you, I have set times each day to read and comment on blogs, that seems to work for me.

  23. That old fence is very wabi-sabi just as it is. A couple hears ago, I had an app that did a great job of publishing a
    post from the iPad. Unfortunately, they discontinued the app. We'll travel for a month this spring, and I'll probably drag my laptop computer if I want to post on the blog. Spell check is an embarrassment, for sure!

  24. A fence ready for haunting....
    I'm retired .. no commuting for me ... yippee! I feel for you. Spellcheck comes up with some really crazy "corrections".


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