away for the weekend: my little town

Thursday, October 13, 2016

my little town

Many thanks to Christopher Columbus for exploring the world
- for which we celebrate in Massachusetts
- with a day away from the office
-inspiring me to do a little exploring of my own

A sunny day with my camera in hand, I headed out the door for a walk through my little town
Although I'm not a big fan of cemeteries,
the Rowley Burial Ground dates back to 1639
many of the stones are unreadable - but others have interesting stories to tell

I loved the play of the light on this fence
- and the bokeh in the trees - (lucky bonus)

- and the friendly exchange of hellos with passersby.

Greg and I are headed to Quebec City for a long weekend
- kind of a late anniversary celebration
We both have such busy work schedules, lately, that trying to find a few 
days to get away together has been a bit of a challenge.
I wonder whether that's normal, or maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere...

Either way - I'm happy for a little time away!

Have a great weekend!


  1. these are really beautiful karen and it's such a pretty fence!! i'm glad you took some time off, time away...have a wonderful time!!

  2. Such a charming place and this fencing is so elegant!

  3. Lovely fence photos ~ thanks ^_^

    Wishing you a special weekend ~ ^_^

  4. looks as if you made a great day of celebrating Columbus. Hope you have fun on your trip to Quebec City and will look forward to seeing your photos on return

  5. The light and bokeh make the fence really stand out! Great pics and wishing you a lovely weekend away!

  6. Sounds like u had a good time coming around your little town and experiment with fences and light. I too have interest shooting cemeteries but ever had a chance. Hope u enjoyed

  7. ...oh, I love to wonder through cemeteries, the older the better!

  8. love the old fences and fancy finials! :)

  9. cemeteries always seem to have great decorative fences.

    have a nice getaway.

  10. They put some money into that fence - around a cemetery.

  11. Good for you to get out exploring! I love iron fences and cemeteries. The best headstones are the ones with multiple wives listed. Glen better not do that.

  12. I also love to travel...

    Please visit:

  13. What a beautiful old fence and such a neat effect in the trees! I just finished a book by Louise Penny that was set in Quebec City...what a coincidence! It sure made me want to visit. Have FUN! Hugs, Diane

  14. That is a really neat old fence at that cemetery. Enjoy your trip.

  15. Nice photo Karen. Most people never pay attention to the details of a fence.

  16. Hello!:) You found a decorative iron fence surrounding the cemetery, and nice photos to share. Good old C:Columbus for enabling you to get away for the weekend,...enjoy!!:)


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