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Saturday, October 8, 2016

scattered saturday

Happy Saturday!

I'm joining Tanya - a little late - for Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. When I arrived home from work on Thursday - the photobook I designed for
Laura and Jeff's wedding had arrived  :-)

- yeah, awsome...
To give my daily step count a boost, I've started getting off the subway a mile from my office.
- not a terrible way to start the day.

3. My daughters gave me a Book of the Month membership for my birthday.
Awesome gift, girls!
I just finished my September selection, A Gentleman in Moscow - so beautifully written!

4. If you enjoy reading current fiction, please join me on Goodreads
- disclaimer -
my ambivalence towards social media makes me a pretty unreliable "friend"
(how's that for an invitation?)

5. Karen was a common name in my generation.
Maybe not so much anymore...

That's it for me - I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. laughing at the 'new' spelling! ha! beautiful wedding album!

  2. Love the "new" spelling, Karen. I just met someone who spells's all about change...:)JP

  3. A book is a great idea for wedding photos rather than a photo album - beautiful couple!

  4. it looks like you did an awesome job on the album and congrats...i am sure you are happy to have that behind you!!

    gen-ex spellers...if it doesn't have spell check, they obviously can't get it!!! i did read the sitting/smoking article and i have a big "no comment'!!!! have a great weekend!!!

  5. How can they get Karen wrong? Or is it because everybody's name is spelled weird these days? I LOVE Goodreads! It isn't really social media.

  6. Hi Karen! It looks like you walk through a pretty area on your way to the office - nice on an autumnal morning but maybe not in the snow?!!
    I think the spelling of your name represents this generation's obsession with anything alternative and y in a name!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Growing up in the '50s many girls were named Karen, now look at all the creative ways to spell it. I still like KAREN best!

  8. I presuming you did the photography for Laura and Jeff's wedding too? Designing a book is a brilliant way of using images and words to capture their special day in an easy to share format.
    I'm pleased I enjoy walking, although have not been in the habit so much lately - and the native magpie birds are currently swooping in many streets as it's their breeding season. I hope to make walking a habit again soon.

  9. Karen, so nice to see you back here and hope you are happy in your home. Your daughter's wedding pics are lovely.

  10. Welcome back to blogland and congratulations on all the wonderful happenings in your family over the past year! I like Goodreads. I enjoy keeping track of what I've read and want to read as well as searching for recommendations.

  11. I like the 4the photo with the church and the boys with the football. Great. Is it already cold in your country now?

  12. Hi Karen, lovely photos, especially the ones in the photo book. You must have been thrilled to see your photobook.

  13. It didn't take you long to get back into your old groove of taking and posting excellent photos.

  14. As a fellow 'Karen', I can relate....I had one young co-worker continue to call me Kathy the whole time I worked there :) Such a nice gift for your daughter - the photos are beautiful. Looks like your walk to and from work is wonderful.

  15. first of all i am so happy to see you back! i have missed you! the photo book is beautiful and i am totally cracking up over how they spelled your name :D so funny! the extra mile you are walking looks like a pretty place to walk so it must go fast! thank you for linking KAREN! i hope you will come back again!

  16. The photo book is beautiful. My real name also used to be common-not so anymore.

  17. The photo book is beautiful. My real name also used to be common-not so anymore.

  18. Great idea to get off the subway early and get in some extra steps. You said sitting a new smoking.... if you just quit smoking keep up that extra walking. I smoked years ago, and when I quit I gained a ton of weight... never a good alternative. Whether or not this is true for you on quitting smoking , the extra walking is a great idea. Love your photo book and know it will be a hit. Best to you!

  19. Well, Kerryn, (ha) that wedding book looks like I've really missed out on some news! Yes, sitting is a no-no. I even stand when using my computer at the kitchen counter!


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