away for the weekend: j'adore quebec!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

j'adore quebec!

oui oui!!

and that's about all the french I know - except for maybe bon jour
- which the shopkeepers had a very melodious way of saying
- and I was never quite successful at imitating
(le sigh...)

without further ado - here are a few things I loved about Quebec

which reminds me of a castle - but it's not
It's fun to look at anyway - and is beautiful lit up at night

and looms over the city

2) window shopping

3) outdoor cafes
even when it's only 50 degrees outside
(french onion soup, please)

4) art where you least expect it
-on the side of a building

- in alleys

and last but not least
5) ornate fences with bright autumn foliage

actually - I could go on and on
(coffee shops, creperies, waterfall, river views...)

On another note - as we roamed about the city taking photos,
it seemed I always had the wrong lens in my camera.
- kit lens lacks enough zoom
- zoom lens is often too zoomy
and the nifty fifty - while very, very nifty - is somewhat limiting when walking around
I'd kind of like to buy a good walk-around lens
I'd love to know what your favorite lens is (walk-around or otherwise)!

I'm joining Theresa for Good Fences

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your back Karen :) and you were in Quebec which is right beside my Ontario. Oh Quebec is beautiful and you captured it beautifully. Hug B

  2. Lovely ornate fence shot and love the European look to Quebec ~ Lovely photos! thanks.

    Wishing you a Happy Thursday ~ ^_^

  3. If I could have only one lens, it would be the equivalent of a 28mm on a full-frame dSLR. I tend to want to capture more wide views than tele ones. A wide-angle will still take closeups, and if I really need to zoom in to a detail I can crop in post-processing. But my real preference for travel is a small camera with a wide-to-telephoto zoom lens. I like to travel light!

    Great photos - and that painting on the side of the building is amazing!

  4. I use a 28-135mm lens on a full frame dslr as my walk around lens. I have other lenses, but this seems to be a good all purpose lens for me.

  5. Hi Karen! I really loved seeing your photos of Quebec! I think you captured it essence and beauty so well!
    thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello, what a lovely place. Beautiful city scenes. Wonderful series of photos. Happy Thursday, have a great day!

  7. My regular walk-around lens is a 18 - 200. I also like to use my "wide-angler", esp if I'm doing architectural photography or landscapes. Those are definitely the two lenses I use the most. (Though I also love the nifty fifty, but it's not good for everything).
    Love seeing your explorations. :-)

  8. quebec is beautiful, you captured the essence of this city well. for everyday photography i use my 18 - 55 lens, but this reminded me that i have a ?? - 200 lens that i should look for. i don't really know anything about photography, i just know i love to capture the world!!

    a few favorites are the art/mural and fence...but all of your images are awesome!!

  9. the last is a beauty of a shot! laughed at fudge sausages. :)

  10. What a gorgeous city! Loved all the photos! I could go for a bowl of French onion soup right now:) x Karen

  11. This old town is beautiful. Great photos.

  12. Hello!:) Oh my goodness, this place is loaded with atmosphere, and your photos do a great job of showing us this beautiful town. I also smiled at the fudge sausages,:) admired the castle-like building, the jesters, and art mural, and of course your fence find. Have a great Weekend!:)

  13. Right or wrong lens, you certainly got around and captured the mood of the city.

  14. What wonderful "old world" charm!

  15. i think we must have the same lenses as i have the same issues...this was interesting to find out what everyone prefers...i love all these photos and it just makes me want to visit quebec even more! i'm a big genealogy nerd and my ancestors came from there so i'd love to see the places i've read about! really great pics! thanks for linking karen! have a great weekend :)

  16. Wow- cool, love, love the mural! I have trouble with the right lens all the time. I wish I could just get one that goes from normal to X 1000 in one! HA HA Thanks for sharing pics of your tour.

  17. I can see why you adore Quebec! Beautiful city with lots of fun art! ... even on the side of a building. Wow! Have a great week!

  18. Your photos (and fun!) inspire me to visit Quebec!

  19. Fabulous trip and photos. I remember being in Paris and using the few words I knew. I always felt like an American with a bad French accent. My favorite lens of late is the 35mm L-series f/1.4. I got it for my Canon 6D but I could use it on my cropped sensor camera too, then it is more like a 50mm, but still spectacular sharpness. I have been using it for everything. I picked it up used at B & H Photo.

  20. Karen - I thought you'd stopped blogging! So happy to have "found" you and your wonderful photos again! Quebec looks busy and charming. I'm using a mirrorless camera now and my new favorite lens is a 17mm pancake (that has a 34mm reach because you x2 the mirrorless lenses). It's lightweight and does everything except zoom, of course. When the moose were in my yard, I was wishing I had the zoom. I've now put it on the camera, so they probably won't visit again!

  21. Wow what awesome photos! Thanks for sharing your trip to Quebec. Fudge must mean something else in French because I cannot think they would put chocolate in a sausage.

  22. Beautiful - I love the "castle" - what an amazing sight it must be at night. Lovely photos and great tour - thanks for sharing.

  23. Oh my there were so many wonderful photos here today. I so enjoyed all of them. Loving the shot of the shoppers from up high. Also the gorgeous Autumn colors and your fences.

  24. Each frame is very pretty, charming and colourful, bringing alive the vivid! Loved the building side artwork


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