away for the weekend: rambling the quebec countryside

Monday, October 24, 2016

rambling the quebec countryside

after our adventures at the border,
our ride to Quebec city was almost as fun as visiting the city itself
- tooling along the highway 
- until one too many oooo's and aaaahhhh's
 - and then, we have got to get off this highway!

yeah - that was a good idea!

this pretty lady was auditioning to be the star of my show
 - but the foliage was stealing her thunder...

and I wonder - if this were the view from my kitchen window
- would I ever take it for granted?

 For fans of Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache mystery series,
I soooo wanted to meander the countryside looking for Three Pines
except - you know - it's fictional (darn!)

but this place was very real
- and even though I didn't get to sip a cafe au lait in Gabri and Olivier's bistro,

getting Greg to actually exit the autoroute,
and roaming the French Canadian countryside was the next best thing.

In an effort to keep myself focused (somewhat)
- and hopefully improve my photography (somewhat)
I will be starting a photo challenge for myself
(mimicking  many I've seen on various blogs and photography sites)
My plan is to post on Monday's - details are in my new tab

Thanks so much for all your responses about your favorite lenses!
Your answers provided me with food for thought (and research)

Happy Monday!


  1. awwww

    Got to get out of Tampa and head for the Parkway

  2. Beautiful scenery! Getting off the highway is almost always a good idea!!

  3. this entry reminded me why i enjoy your entries so much, i do adore the way you write!! beautiful images, it sure is a pretty area with lots of autumn color already!!!

  4. Are you sure there's really no Three Pines? It seems so real. I'd love to be roaming in that beautiful countryside just trying to find it, even though I do know better really. We love backroads -- and your journey was a wonderful one.

  5. Oooooh! So beautiful! I want to live there......forever and ever! Thanks for the ride! xx Karen

  6. Spectacular! Your photos are a wonderful reminder of how pretty autumn is up north.

  7. Wow, such commanding views! The covered bridge is one of my favorites! And snow and horses!

  8. Glen and I traveled lots of backroads in Indiana. The only way to see the world in my opinion, maybe not in his :) I love that you are pushing yourself to do a 52 week challenge, so beneficial to personal growth. When are you planning to start? I have thoughts of doing one again, starting in January - 52 weeks of self-portraits - YIKES!

  9. just beautiful farming county - especially in autumn!

  10. Great fall colors! I also love the covered bridge. Looking forward to more posts!

  11. Karen you certainly got out and about in the La Belle Province. Enjoyed all of your photos.

  12. Off highways is always fabulous and I love to go around. You should be glad to stay close to such beholding views... the covered bridge is my fav among those lovely shots.

  13. Best views are always off the much traveled highways- these are gorgeous shots, thanks for sharing!

  14. Karen these are wonderful views and I love seeing a covered bridge! This one's got a great weathered look to the wood!

  15. Great fall scenes, I love the covered bridge, well I love it ALL.

  16. Proving once again, why fall is my favorite season. I love the covered bridges too. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Love the shots of this beautiful countryside and what a pretty cow with that big smile! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and hey, it is worth it to get up and get those early photos occasionally. Bet you are really enjoying the fall colors.


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