away for the weekend: the northeast kingdom

Monday, October 17, 2016

the northeast kingdom

- and fun with border patrol 

An early morning breakfast in Lyndon, Vermont - part of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom,
before heading up to the Canadian border for Greg's appointment with
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

and while no post about a Vermont diner is complete without a photo of the regulars

ummmm - yeah - stealth photographer I am not

Next stop - Derby Line, Vermont
and while Greg was completing his Global Entry interview,
I wandered around town.

As I was snapping photos and wondering what would happen if I ventured
to the other side of these pots (a photo looking into the U.S. seemed like a neat idea),
 a border patrol agent drove up and parked right next to me.
Well - alrighty, then...

 built to straddle the border (long before all this border security hubbub)
Unfortunately it was closed - I was curious to see whether any 
restrictions existed inside the building.

and then, a couple of blocks down the road,
here is Greg so fascinated with the bonjour! on the welcome sign,
 that he had inadvertently walked into Canada
- which earned us a trip back up the street to the U.S. Border Inspection Station
you know - to check back in to the U.S. (sheesh)

And then we intentionally drove into Canada to begin our
long weekend in Quebec.

I'm joining Signs, Signs


  1. oh, my...

    flower pots... who knew? loved the pic of the 'locals' checking you out, too! and the r,w&b bike!

  2. It great to explore and find all those quirky things that make an area special...nice finds!

  3. You have me smiling at your border adventures.
    I am looking forward to your French Canadian adventure.

  4. cute spot...i love the bike!! i did not know about the flower pots. we crossed recently and there were big metal structures and people with guns...nothing like flower pots!!! hehehehe

    i can't wait to see what you discovered in canada!!!

  5. Our daughter met a man from Quebec on the AT. They are now married and have a little boy : ) They live in NH and make the CA/US border crossing regularly.

  6. That "stealth" shot of the regulars is priceless! I like the red white & blue bike hung up on the side too!
    Very welcoming sign!

  7. A very charming border town....I had to laugh at your 'stealth' photography and the nosy border guard. Yes, taking photos by the border does attract attention. The border guards on the Washington State - British Columbia entrance are extremely strict and would have hauled you in for questioning! haha! Even taking photos of bridges around here is risky........Ah! The world we live in is a little scary for us bloggers....xx Karen

  8. Those Border Guards don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to crossing the line. Love the bicycle mounted on the pole. Hope you had a great weekend in Quebec.

  9. Border guards are not a barrel of laughs!

  10. I have to defend the border patrol a bit. He did have a small smile on his face when he asked me "Did you buy anything while you were over there?"

  11. I have heard about this border - they are very serious!! It's a shame, really when things were so friendly for so long.

  12. Laughing at your Greg strolling into Canada:) Hug B

  13. The tricolour bike is really cool.

  14. I have always liked the Quebec sign. :-)

  15. I hope to cross into Canada from this border crossing sometime in my life, after flying into Boston. I cross the border from Washington state into Canada a lot and have had many fun and a few weird conversations with the Immigration officers. I respond more than offer information. Enjoyed reading about your time at the border. Visiting from signs, signs.

  16. What an adventure -- glad you both made in out and in without being arrested. We absolutely loved our time in Vermont (when we were full-time RVers) and I regret that we didn't take time to make this crossing. I would love to find out more about that straddling library; hope you get a chance to visit it again sometime. The sign was great, and this whole post is wonderful; kind of a mini-vacation.


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