away for the weekend: my town shoot out - jamaica community church

Saturday, February 16, 2013

my town shoot out - jamaica community church

I mentioned on Friday scouting out historic sites.
I was on a quest to find the oldest building in Jamaica, Vermont.
I asked around and did a little reading,
Then headed to where the earliest settlers built their cabins and a log schoolhouse.
What I didn't know was that these buildings are no longer standing.
Apparently, Jamaica has had a bit of trouble with flooding over the years.
Back to the village.
This was the oldest building I could find.

This church was built in 1808 as a Congregational Church
Now called the Jamaica Community Church, I am not certain what denomination it is.

While doing a little research for this challenge, I discovered that this little Vermont town has an interesting past that I plan to explore a little deeper.
I think I am going to need some help from the historical society, though
and they are only open in the summer.

I am joining My Town Shoot Out, and Weekly Top Shot

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  1. That is in great shape for being that old. I would love to see inside it.

  2. i like the 3 sentry birds on the top of the steeple. :)

    1. :-) They are the only reason I enlarged the steeple.

  3. It's wonderful that it's been in continuous use for such a long time...It must be on higher ground since it hasn't been damaged by floods....
    Were you able to take any pictures or even see inside? That would be interesting...

  4. Wow now that looks like an interesting place to visit. Love the steeple. B

  5. Very interesting, and such a lovely old church.

  6. Karen, I remember Jamaica! I loved exploring these little towns. When I lived in VT, our town of Bondville had a tiny library housed in what was once a one room schoolhouse. It operated under restricted hours because I think the librarian was a volunteer. In those days before Kindle, it was my lifeline! I like the old church you photographed.

    1. I know exactly the schoolhouse you mean. I took photos of it a couple weeks ago and will probably post them at some point. It's a beautiful little library!

  7. A beautiful old church! Unlike any we'd find in Australia. It must interesting discovering the history behind such buildings and also others in the town - or the lack there of as you mentioned due floods. Made me wonder about our own town and buildings which may have been lost to floods over the years too.

  8. Beautiful old New England church! I think a lot of the early churches in New England were Congregational.

  9. I would consider something built in 1808 old! I think you found a great treasure there! I have never seen a church with a side screen door!

  10. Hi Karen you did find an old structure. Just right for the theme. I think it is fun to go on a trip to find out about the building in your town. In the warmer weather here we have a walk around tour of our town since it is so old and so many of the buildings have been keep up. Great post.

  11. Very pretty church! I didn't know there was a Jamaica in Vermont. How neat! Sounds like an interesting place to learn more about.

  12. What a beautiful church! I love the way you framed out the last shot.

  13. What a great shot this is, and looks like you have a great little village to hang out in on your weekends. OUr little get away is in the mountains and not much town to explore. am your newest follower, and will look forward to finding out more about you and your weekend getaway... something that we have in common


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