away for the weekend: calm before the storm

Friday, February 8, 2013

calm before the storm

As New England braces for the storm,
I'm thankful to have a snow day today.
Because, take my word for it,
trying to get out of the city in bad weather - not so fun.

So this morning as everyone was running to the grocery store,
I ran out to Michaels for more yarn.
Besides, I never got that bread, milk, egg thing...
What - as the snow falls and the wind howls and power goes out,
all New England plans to eat uncooked french toast?
Not me - I'll be eating protein bars and crocheting by candlelight.

I've been watching Friday's Fences for weeks, now, and would like to jump in.

As fences go, this one isn't much,
but I do really like the barnyard.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. I'm with ya on the bread, milk & egg thing! LoL!
    Ya'll be extra careful this weekend during the storm... pay close attention & just be safe!!! Keep us updated on what's happening in your neck of the woods =)

  2. I heard y'all were fixin' to get hit! (how do you like the Texan talk?) Our winter has been disgustingly warm-so much for getting to wear all my cute winter clothes. sigh. haha, exactly how do people plan to fix french toast with no power? Be safe!

  3. yay! more fence fanatics! :)

    good luck with the storm! made me laugh with uncooked french toast. :)

  4. Fantastic first fence shot! I'm with ya on the granola bars..

  5. It's not always about the fence, but what's behind it. Great barnyard photo!
    Glad you are all ready for the storm with your granola bars and yarn.
    Keep us updated on the storm.

  6. The bread and milk thing here in New England was born after THE Blizzard 1978....we did not expect that much snow so who thought of stocking up...then we could not go anywhere for 6 husband went with a sled to the store an hour's walk to get stuff. So now we are prepared....or something....I am stocked up but no children now so I just need tea and cat food ( for the cats...hahah) I am all set. Be careful out there.

  7. Haha, I love your view on the bread, milk, eggs thing. You have the right idea :) Hope you guys stay safe and don't lose power! Good luck.

  8. This summer when we lost power for 8 days, we ate a lot of pop tarts and hot dogs off the grill. Hope you keep your power and enjoy that yarn!

  9. OH - and yes, of course you can pin my picture!!!

  10. Sounds like you got a great plan to brave the snow storm. Hope its not as bad as predicted.

  11. I so agree about running to the store -- however... you could cook the toast over the candle. :)

  12. Let's pray that it's hype and not as bad as they are making out!

  13. Karen, Hope you stay cozy and can crochet by candlelight!

  14. We also got the day off in preparation for the storm. I have that milk and bread trip mentality:) stay safe!

  15. Karen,
    They are calling for a storm to come our way Saturday night. We could really use some wet snow!

    Hope you weathered the storm ok and your Hubby makes it home safe.

  16. Stay warm and enjoy the protein bars. We are under a blizzard watch here in North Central Minnesota starting tomorrow night and I made sure I have some crafting supplies available just in case.

  17. Sounds like you have a plan. I hope you aren't said your hubby is gone on a business trip. I hope he made it back. Getting protein bars makes a lot more sense.

    I think your fenced barnyard is perfect! I love taking pictures of fences and barns now...gotten to be an obsession.

  18. Forget that bread, milk and egg thing, I would go with cheese, wine and candlelight...good even if there isn't a blizzard. My plan would be reading and watching films on Netflix if power was still on. Stay safe.

  19. wow,crocheting by candlelight - that sounds tough. lots of work. i would need more light. i remember my mom would say that to me when she would find me reading, writing or drawing. don't you need more light??! oh, mothers they are too funny. ( :


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