away for the weekend: bartonsville bridge - rebuilt!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

bartonsville bridge - rebuilt!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am!
A couple summers ago, Greg and I went out for a bike ride in picturesque Southern Vermont.
One of our favorite photo stops was the Bartonsville Covered Bridge.

Later that summer, when floods from Hurricane Irene devastated much of Vermont,
this beautiful bridge was swept right into the river.
Its demise was caught on a 20 second video that went viral on YouTube
You can watch it here

I remember when this happened, I felt the sadness you can hear in the woman's voice.

So, imagine my excitement when I heard the bridge had been rebuilt.
Last weekend, I had to go see for myself.

Not too shabby!

The view from inside - looking out at the river that swept it away.

It will be many years before the wood takes on the aged patina of the original bridge.
But, while much of Vermont still shows scars from Hurricane Irene,
the Bartonsville Bridge has been rebuilt!!

And while I'm on the topic of excited - I'm pretty excited about Madge's new blog hop:

And - normally I'd be pretty excited about the blizzard that's headed our way
Greg's in Europe on business, and I'm afraid he might get stuck there.
And - I don't know how to start the snow blower.
(yeah, that's one of the reasons Greg wants to move to a condo...)
We can only hope for the best here
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for dropping in!


  1. i like the new bridge! good luck with the snow!!!

  2. Wow - amazing video - and how fabulous that the bridge was rebuilt - that doesn't always happen that way. Stay warm and be careful in the blizzard.

  3. it's very pretty...still sad about the original, but nice job on the new one! hope your blizzard turns out to be nothing but a few flakes?!

    have i ever told you that some of my ancestors came from vermont, that by you?

    1. Rutland is not too far from us. I don't get there often, but I imagine if I lived in Vermont full-time, I would - it's one of the few towns that has large modern stores like Home Depot and Michaels... Did your ancestors head south to get out of the cold? (many do)

  4. when the hubby & i saw the news about several covered bridge in Vermont being torn away due to the floods & storms we were heartbroken - to see that they rebuilt this one is beautiful. they have such character & style. why we have changed in the world from that - i don't know. thanks, for sharing. we have visited all covered bridges in VA. hope to make our way around to others in each state across the USA. they are just amazing!!! ( :

  5. I watched the video. How sad that the bridge was washed away. I am so happy that it has been rebuilt. I have visited a few covered bridges in NH but none in Vermont.
    Stay warm and save in the blizzard. Good luck with the snow blower.

  6. I remember seeing that on the news & hearing the poor woman's voice of such sadness... The other one may have been the authentic 'old' bridge built in 1870, but I'm sooo glad they rebuilt it & made it a covered bridge, also! Awesome! It's beautiful!
    I'm thrilled that you posted this & allowed us to see the new one!!! -)

  7. I think it's so wonderful that they rebuilt this beautiful bridge.

  8. Wow, that video is crazy! That is so sad, but it's great that they rebuilt it. It looks really nice!

  9. What a terrible loss...the video was amazing. They did a really good job getting the bridge to look just like the old one...time will put on the finishing touches!

  10. Not to shabby is right! Love seeing this-- it doesn't happen often enough. The new bridge is fabulous.

  11. It's a beauty and looks well built. Let's hope it survives a long, long while and get that aged patina of the old one.

  12. love that bridge. i want one. i have no where logical to put it, but i do want one. :)

  13. I hope you don't get snowed in... I can't pull start a mower anymore, 14 years of driving toasted my shoulders... so my Greg (we both have wonderful Gregs...) or son has to do that... so glad that bridge was rebuilt, sweet! That short video was heartbreaking... Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #1' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #2...

  14. How wonderful that they rebuilt it! Even if it isn't old and charming like the one they had before, it means even more since they spent their time and money to recreate it.

  15. I'm so glad they rebuilt it- especially that they made it a covered one instead of just a plain old bridge.
    Hope you don't get snowed in!

  16. I just love photographing covered bridges. Unfortunately they are very rare in my part of the country. I'm glad to see that the Bartonsville Covered Bridge has been rebuilt. Here's a link for you You will find some terrific photos there of covered bridges.

    1. Fantastic website - thank you! I've bookmarked it for more viewing.

  17. I am so glad to see that the bridge was rebuilt - and - it looks so authentic. May it weather soon. Take care during the storm!

  18. My secret fishing spot was UNDER the Bartonsville Bridge.....My vet lives at the very end of the road, that was how I descovered it years ago. I was shocked when I saw the video and went there to see what was left. I will have to go see the new one. Thank you so much for posting the photos.
    I have taken a few photos of the bridges destroyed in the Woodstock and Queeche areas.
    Come visit my Vermont herd when you have a chance;
    Don't worry about the snowblower. I think you need to call someone with a snow plow!

  19. I also remember seeing a video about this bridge so glad it's been rebuilt, Karen. And, in time, it should age nicely too. I'm with you on being excited about snow, except all we usually get is rain here in winter, which is why we hope to relocate to NH and we're thinking townhouse too. We shoveled for years in NJ and it's a case of done that and would prefer someone else does it. Hope agree makes it home safely.

  20. I remember watching that video when it happened. I was heartbroken. I've tried to document the bridges near me. So wonderful they rebuilt this one. I see they made it to handle heavier loads. :)

  21. My brother lives up around the corner next to the stone house...I had been over the old bridge thousands of times as that is also where my parents lived when they were alive. It's just not the same as going through the old bridge!


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