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Friday, February 15, 2013

fridays fences

After finally digging out from the storm and Greg making it home,
we managed to get away for our week of planned vacation.
We only lost a couple days to the storm - oh well, such is life.

Anyway - I thought I had set up all my posts for the week
(no internet at Away)
but, well, I was wrong. 
So, this morning after a couple days of skiing and some snowshoe adventures,
these tired legs are taking a break at our favorite coffee shop
(yeah - coffee, conversation, and wifi!!)

This fence is somewhere near Landgrove, Vermont - last November.

It's a pretty typical post and rail in a very pretty park.

And then - because you know how I love to play -

I can't remember if I used sketch or colored pencil - but I kind of like it.

Today we're off to explore some (hopefully) historic sites of Vermont -
and a smoked meats shop that we pass every week but have never stopped in.
Curiosity has finally gotten the better of us.

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  1. So glad you are having fun on your time away....

    You are a gal after my heart...I love playing around with processing too...You did a great job on this one; I really like the change...

    I hope the rest of your trip is all that you would like for it to be....

  2. The edit of the fence is neat! Glad you are having a great time at the Away!

  3. nice fencery! and woods, too.

    enjoy your time!

  4. enjoy the 2nd shot the most. enjoy your weekend. ( :

  5. I love the autumn leaves and how they sort of compliment the fence in a way. Beautiful.

  6. Love the fence both versions. Have fun. B

  7. Fun your perspective on this shot. Have fun exploring, hope you find some great photo ops!

  8. Such a neat photo! The edited version is so creative. Hope you have fun at Away :)

  9. Hi, there!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Love your fence shot; funny how "Friday's Fences" makes us take note of something as mundane as a fence!
    We were in Vermont at the end of December - went to Townshend to go sleigh riding. I'll have to check a map to see where Landgrove is.
    Have fun!

  10. Getting away is fun and even without wi-fi access fun can always be had...maybe even more so? Glad you were able to get to the coffee shop to share the fence, nice effects too, Karen.

  11. Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see what you find this weekend.

  12. Everytime you post, I want to go to Vermont. I know I only live a few states away in Maine, but Vermont is so special. :)

  13. Terrific -- perfect -- makes me want head north.

  14. Hi Karen, Your pictures are lovely, I can almost smell the fresh air of the forest and hear the leaves crunching under the very ... Enjoy your stay!

  15. i'm sure you are having a great time...can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures :)

  16. I like your edit as much as the original!
    Looks like a lovely place to walk.


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