away for the weekend: barn charm and a blissfully dreary weekend

Monday, October 1, 2012

barn charm and a blissfully dreary weekend

It was a rainy, dreary weekend
and I really didn't mind.
Although I love being outdoors,
rain give me the excuse to just hang around a read.
There's something about rainy afternoons on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea...

I drive by this barn almost every weekend,
and finally stopped to snap its picture a couple weekends ago.

I really like the chippy red paint.

You can see the leaves were starting to change.
Now - they're almost in full color, and I'm afraid I will miss my opportunity to capture it.
(the downside of spending a rainy weekend lazing around indoors...)
Oh well,
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, too.

I am joining Tricia at Bluff Area Daily for Barn Charm

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Love the texture you added to this great looking old barn. I agree, a rainy afternoon with a good book and a cup of something warm makes for a very pleasant day.

  2. truly beautiful. the rich colors in both the barn and backdrop are wonderful. i like the canvasy texture you gave it in the 3rd. very pretty!

  3. You really captured the beautiful texture of this aged barn wood. Good job! Lovely photos!

  4. Very cool barn! I like the paint color!

  5. Lovely colours with just enough red to add vibrance to the photos!

  6. I love those days inside reading as well. The day was exactly like that here today.
    I love this old barn with it's weathered wood. It's a little curious how some of the bits of red are quite prominent and the rest is all faded.
    LOVE your edit - nicely done!

  7. Supposed to be colder and wetter later this week. I'm actually looking forward to it!

    Gorgeous barn -- love the detail in your last image. :)

  8. what a beautiful barn. such character. (:

  9. What a fabulous barn! Love the red paint!

  10. The deep dark rich color of the barn is beautiful, my faves... I'd so love to explore inside that ol barn!
    The turning colors of the leaves are beautiful, too. What a great barn find

    Thanks for joining =)

  11. That is really such a classic looking barn and what a perfect setting for it! We are still suffering through a hot Indian summer here in NorCal and the leaves are just barely starting to show some colors. It doesn't feel like autumn yet, but when I look at your photos, it does!

  12. Beautiful barn, i like trh read spots and hope sombody wil save the barn!
    Ingun, Norway

  13. Great Barn and setting, love your processing on the last one.

  14. Lovely barn find! I would have to stop and take pitures too. The old barn wood look really brings out the barns character.

  15. Oh, my, this is a real beauty, and I love that last shot. Love what you done with it.

  16. What a treasure!!!! I love happening upon places like that!

  17. This barn is a beauty and I love the editing in the last photo!

  18. I really like this barn and the editing you've done in the last photo! Beautiful!

  19. A fine barn picture with exceptionally interesting wood. The distinctive colors add to the picture's interest. Very well done!


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