away for the weekend: barn charm - happy columbus day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

barn charm - happy columbus day!

Happy Monday, everyone.
Do you ever find yourself enjoying a holiday and completely forgetting that you're supposed to be celebrating something?
Today, many many years ago Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas.
So - thank you Christopher Columbus!
I will be doing what thousands of Americans are doing today and hitting the mall.
I know, I know - ugh...
But really, my work wardrobe is in desperate need of help.

Sooo - on to something MUCH more fun.
This week's barn

I found this one hidden on a backroad in Vermont.

I think I'd like to see this flower garden in the Spring!

Is that tree growing through the roof of that little side building?
Which do you think was there first?

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Hi, what a fun barn with a tree growing through it or is it just behind it? We have a court house in Ohio where there is a tree growing up through the center of it. Fascinating.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and now I could find yours. :)

    All the best,

    1. You may be right! Maybe from that angle, the tree is aligned with the chimney and it just looks like it's coming through the roof. I just can't tell, but it doesn't make sense to me...

  2. beautiful little place. certainly has been there a while. :)

  3. Hi Karen, Have fun at the mall! I love these photos. How I would love to visit Vermont!

  4. wish you well at the mall. gorgeous vermont barn. so pretty. (:

  5. Yes, interesting tree in the middle of the roof!

  6. Nice looking barn and the added colors of Fall make it even more interesting. I would love to visit Vermont especially at this time of the year. It must be gorgeous. Wow, when you are retired you forget about holidays like this. Thanks for the reminder, duh!! Hope you find lots of work clothes on sale today.

  7. This is a beautiful place...

  8. Hi Karen happy shopping! I love this little barn one day I would love to visit Vermont thanks for sharing.

  9. You found a beauty here! Love the colors! The last photo is fantastic.

  10. I love this barn! Really beautiful.

  11. It's a charming barn for sure! Nice find.

  12. such a gorgeous place that is! hope your trip to the mall was a success!

  13. Lovely red barn. I hope you found some items you like at the mall.

  14. It's beautiful! And yes, keep an eye on the place in the Spring & take more pics, then, for Barn Charm!

    Thank you for joining =)

  15. Love the roof line. The brick chimney looks like it has weathered too many storms. ha!

  16. Oh my gosh, that barn is especially charming. I love the way it's framed by those big trees. Lovely!

  17. What a beautiful barn!! I bet you are right, the spring garden must be gorgeous!

  18. Great pics! Did you find great stuff at the sales?


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