away for the weekend: barn charm - chicken fun

Monday, October 29, 2012

barn charm - chicken fun

It was a quiet weekend in Vermont -
and after the devastation of Irene last year,
Vermonters are understandably apprehensive over Sandy's impending visit.
Here in Massachusetts, our Governor has declared a state of emergency
- so - we're all just waiting it out...

After running a few errands on Saturday -
including refueling at our favorite coffee shop,
we spent the afternoon exploring.

These chickens required a quick u-turn.
Seriously, I think I'm enamored!

So much so that I forgot to get a great shot of the barn...

Quite the little personalities!

And - I think they're very lucky to have such a beautiful home!

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  1. I think the speckled black and white is a Wyandotte. I used to have one -- gorgeous! Stay safe Karen.

  2. i love these! such beautiful color - chickens and area. :)

  3. The chickens, the barn, the rock wall and fall's all so picturesque.

  4. I love the barn and the chickens are great! Beautiful spot!

  5. Wonderful rural wildlife!
    The big red barn and the wooden shed all in the background but nevertheless charming!
    It does look like a beautiful spot!

    Here in WV we are under a state of emergency as well. It's the waiting I think that's the worse. :)

  6. HOpe you all keep safe in the coming storm.
    Lovely portraits of colourful chickens and I like all the windows in the red barn.

  7. That black and white chicken is so handsome! And that is a monstrous barn! WOW! Very neat photos!

  8. Beautiful photos! I love pics of chickens and barns. The red barn sure is huge! If you count the 'basement' level there are 5 levels all together! It's a well kept and attractive farm including the chickens. Pamela

  9. Neat chicken find! I like to photograph them too. Looks like a nice place between the huge barn and stone wall.

  10. Quite a cool barn there and I love the chickens!

  11. I would love to have a better view of the barn in the 3rd shot...and I LOOVVVEEE the chickens.

  12. What beautiful pictures...those chickens just make it extra perfect!

  13. Great shots! Visiting your site for the first time tonight. Stay safe!

  14. love your header shots. my favorite is the last shot here. you get a bit of everything. the birds, stone wall & barn. too great. hope you are well. take care. (:

  15. These are great shots. I love the chickens, the beautiful barn, the stone wall - everything.

  16. Absolutely beautiful. One day I will make it up there in the fall.

  17. These are fantastic captures... love the chickens, of course, & the rock walls & foundations in the background. I can see the barn & it looks phenomenal... The history in New England is unbelievable, I'd love to visit up there.

    I'm also admiring the overall color of these shots... is that in the edit or was it actually that color? It's really beautiful & makes the scenes more interesting! =)

    1. Your question made me wonder whether I'd boosted the color or not - I generally don't because I don't have the confidence in my eye for that. For these, I think I just used the auto-correct in Pic Monkey, but a couple might have a texture added.

  18. I think chi kens make great portraits. These are bright and colourful. What a fun shot.

  19. Beautiful photo's! The barns are great! I love the big red barn. Is the little one yellow?? Fabulous!


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