away for the weekend: scavenger hunt sunday

Sunday, September 30, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday

No Theme
Usually, I try to fit the Scavenger Hunt cues into a theme,
but this week,
I'm just happy to participate
so onto the cues -
I was playing with my camera - again - learning about aperture this time
and this flower probably got more attention than it wanted -

 I was lucky to snap it when I did - these flowers have all turned brown...

Getting Ready

My youngest is getting ready to fly the coop

I'm just wondering where she thinks this will all fit in her new studio apartment...
Ah well, I'm happy for her.


Last weekend I looked up, and the sky was a bright blue and the leaves were starting to change -

and they shimmered in the sun.
I sooooo love Fall!

Teeny Tiny

Another flower that got an awful lot of attention...

These tiny little flowers were growing on my Cilantro plant -
Sometimes bad gardening makes for fun photography.


Last weekend Greg and I went to the Peru Fair in Peru, Vermont.
The whole fair was a great way to connect with the community.
Children and adults playing, singing, dancing, eating, shopping...
There was lots of music - which always seems like a very special way to make connections

I am joining Ashley Sisk for:

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Great shots! Love the yellow flower and connections picture!

  2. I love Connections! Seems like a really fun event. Beautiful shots this weekend!

  3. What a glorious view for bright- love the contrast between the colors of the trees & the blue sky.

  4. Incredible photos. How exciting for your daughter - I wish her the best!
    I love Autumn!

  5. I love Fall too! Love all of your photos. The one of your daughter's stuff made me smile...seems like my kids always had a lot of stuff to take with them - sweet memories.

  6. Your yellow picture in my favorite. I like the bright blue fall sky and changing leaves you captured and the teeny tiny flower.

    It is amazing how a community activity can bring people together. Best wishes to your daughter on her new life adventure.

  7. I love fall, too! Love that gorgeous blue sky in your bright photo.

  8. Oh goodness, I love that crisp, fall landscape. I feel like I could step right into the picture!

  9. Very nice set.
    Yellow is so pretty.
    Bright is very nice, love the blue sky.
    My favorite, Teeny Tiny such sweet little flowers.

  10. the flowers are my fav... love the connections pic too! =)
    sorry about your youngest flying the coop... I can't imagine my babies (ha ha 10 & 12)
    leaving home!! *sigh* =) maybe by then I will be happy to wish them well... he he???


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