away for the weekend: scavenger hunt sunday

Sunday, October 7, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday

It's Sunday again, and that means -
time for a Scavenger Hunt!

This week in Boston, the weather has been mostly dreary -
and the first cue is


I feel the need to apologize for this one. I was on my way out the door yesterday, when the sun suddenly peaked through the clouds. I quickly snapped this shot before losing the sun again.


She did it - my youngest moved out.
These are the keys to her very first apartment.
Yep - it's a pretty old place, and let me tell you, these keys require practice!!


 I completely forgot this cue -
Sooooo, last night I followed Greg around with my camera.
Saturday night and a bottle of wine - what's not to smile about?


Fortunately, Autumm foliage in Vermont requires no editing.


I stumbled upon this stand at the farmer's market yesterday morning.
Along with all these spices, there were many herbs and teas. I bought some red rooibos chai, which smelled
 de-lish! Orders can be place online here.

For more Scavenger Hunt, head on over to Ashley Sisk's.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. I love the smile picture. :) What a great shot of your husband pouring wine. :) And those spices look AMAZING. Ahhh....New England foliage. I'm a displaced Mainer...and how I miss those colors..... Beautiful pic's!

  2. Those keys are total pre Old School. I love them. I'll take all the Vermont foilage pics I can get. Your husband is totally patient. The spouse of a blogger better be patient.

  3. Fantastic pictures. I see what you mean abotu the keys. Your unedited is really beautiful.

    Herding Cats

  4. i'm impressed by the keys. those are too great!! (:

  5. Wow - those keys are so neat. I'd love to live in a place that required keys like that :)

    And I agree...Saturday night + wine = automatic smiling. :D

    Wonderful series this week!

  6. Wonderful collection -- and how neat to get the spice photo. xo

  7. Awesome photo of the keys - best wishes to your daughter. The fall colors are so pretty and I know the hot tea will be delicious!

  8. I think if I had to use keys like that I'd never get in the house. You've got to jiggle them just right. Nice shot!

  9. Your daughter must be in seventh heaven right now with her own apartment, but those keys, hope she learns to use them without too much difficulty. Love the shot of your hubby, he looks happy, but after all it was Saturday night and there was wine involved.

  10. We used to have a house in Bondville near Stratton, VT - nothing like a VT fall! And a farmer's market sounds just great.

  11. Wow! I love those old keys. Looks like a great week of finds!

  12. Love the old keys! wish I lived in a place that old! =) well... a mostly remodeled place... you know old wiring & plumbing can be a pain! he he he... anyway... love your key shot... and the fall trees... lovely!


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