away for the weekend: photo challenge - outtakes

Sunday, December 11, 2016

photo challenge - outtakes

I am learning so much more from my photo challenge than I had ever anticipated
- the prompts, themselves, are meaningless
and yet, each one challenges me to focus on something specific
- while trying something new
- take a different approach
- look from another angle...
So this week, I'm sharing some outtakes
(aka camera dump - but I'll keep it to a minimum)

Clouds - still clicking away at the John Hancock tower,
I like the fluffy cloud reflections and bright blue sky
this was a close runner up - but leaves me dissatisfied somehow
although, I can say the same for my chosen photo...

The color red - technically not an outtake
I took this photo a few weeks before starting - and archives are against the rules... (gasp)
The red cups drew my eye - but the photo is about morning in a coffee shop

From a high angle - I was really just playing
- but laughed when I saw this one
penguins and tie-dye - Laura has always loved color - and LOTS of it
- and I do believe I caught her catching up on my blog :-)

Door(s) - this is one of my favorite Boston neighborhoods
I often walk through it on my way to work - stopping one morning,
hoping to capture the early sun and feel of a city morning
- hmmm, maybe if there was a family leaving for work or school
 - but then, I would have felt like a stalker...

There were so many ways to approach this prompt
This photo is a good reminder to me, 
 that while I'm feeling completely conspicuous,
kneeling on the sidewalk with my camera near the ground
- only one person even notices me
He looks kind of grumpy - but I don't think he really cares

Next week - back on track with Close-up
- which is actually ready to go - but it can wait...

Happy Sunday - enjoy your day!


  1. These are absolutely wonderful shots and don’t feel anything less worth to observe! I simply love the reflection on the tower, and the frame on Laura and the beautiful brick neighbourhood.

  2. Isn't the growth amazing when you take on a project like this and trust the process. I can already see the change in you and your work, even your confidence. And your right the prompts mean nothing, they are just the starting point for the week.

  3. The one here that caught my eye is the one from a low angle. There's a lot going on in that photo and I really like the composition. So many busy people, with places to go and things to do, intent on their lives! Then I noticed the guy heading straight towards you, apparently engrossed in his phone. You'd better hurry and get out of his way, because he probably won't even see you kneeling there!

  4. Wonderful captures here - are you sure these are out takes?? Clouds was my favorite, a gorgeous reflection!!

    Red was my second favorite, I think grumpy guy is in that image as well 😉

  5. You have an excellent variety of shots here and I like the subject matter of each.

  6. Fun challenge and I like the different angles -- Your outtakes are better than most of the ones I keep! (Actually I keep everything which is why I can never find the picture I want.)

  7. You must have your camera with you at all times to capture everyday life like you do. I'm too self-conscious to take photos of strangers- I'm always afraid that I'm intruding. But, photos of people in everyday life are my favorites to see. Did you ever watch the documentary, "Finding Vivian Maier"? She took thousands of photos of people on the streets of cities and hid them away.

  8. These are excellent outtakes! I love the Boston doors shot & the red cups!
    Trying to capture the perfect shot leaves me feeling very exposed many times!
    Good for you for clicking away!

  9. Photo challenges are fun, eh!
    I am enjoying it.
    Keep them coming.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions on different angles. I really like the photo of Laura!

  11. Hello, I love the cloud reflection. Wonderful captures. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  12. Enjoyed the outtakes, Karen. Cloud reflections or any types of reflections in glass office buildings have always been a favorite photo subject of mine. Shooting from different angles is something I need to do more.


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