away for the weekend: thankful for december

Thursday, December 8, 2016

thankful for december

I'm thankful for December
- when the bears settle in for their winter nap (we hope)
- bird feeders are back on our deck
and colorful birds gather on Saturday mornings
- it's the little things -

are blue jays bullies? - hmmm, I don't know - maybe
I'm just taken in by their beautiful blue coloring
I'm shallow that way...

Well, good morning!

Yeah - snow wasn't really my thing - I guess I'll just wait my turn

- ummmm - hello? - are you about finished?
This is supposed to be our feeder...

Is she still watching us?
Gee, lady - isn't it about time that you go take a shower or something?

Who knew birds were so perceptive?
- so that's what I did before heading to our local bird store
to buy these guys a new pole for their peanut feeder
(which was bent over last year, by a bear - bad bear!)
- and hopefully give this feeder back to the chickadees...

So - how can I go about getting that bear gig?
- a winter nap sure sounds good to me, right now

Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday - and Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday 5


  1. Aww just so cute! I love to see your blue jays and cardinals as we don't have them in Ireland. Great shots of them a fun narrative!
    Have a nice nap!

  2. Your blue jay is a beauty. Your narrative is fun and funny too!

  3. Blue Jays just have aggressive personalities, they are type A.

  4. oh thanks for the laugh, the little bird looking in at you stalking him, so funny! great shots and yes, to nap like a bear...ahhhhh! thanks so much for linking with me!! have a super weekend :)

  5. I LOVE my blue jays and I gotta tell you I think they get a bad rap - I think we have discussed this before. Their colors and their feather patter is stunning and mine are just not that aggressive!!

    You got some really great captures of them - and I always feel like mine know I am there!!! I gotta tell you that I love the last image. The frame, the greenery, it's just special!!

  6. The real bullies are the doves. They're so tough they'll go eye to eye with the woodpecker, and that takes some nerve.

  7. Beautiful photos of this Blue Jay, Karen!

  8. I miss my summertime hummers, but enjoy the broader variety of birds at my winter feeding station. Thanks for linking up today!

  9. Glad u could put the bird feeders back on the place to allow birds to come close by and for you to watch and shoot! Love all you photos on the blue bird and the light expose is quite wonderful to watch.

  10. Minus their shrieking I always loved Blue Jays growing up. I agree its the color.

  11. Bluejays can be bullies, and even cannibals! But they are beautiful, and I love all the different birds. They're all just doing what nature made them to do. But I agree with Sarah about the shrieking. They often wake me up in the summer and fall when I have the windows open overnight.

  12. We just started seeing Blue Jays in our area and I'm truly excited. They are just the most gorgeous blue and you have captured that beautiful blue beautifully!!

  13. Blue jays are such colourful birds. In my opinion they rival parrots of tropical lands.

  14. Hello Karen,
    Very great pictures of this wonderful bird.
    Fantastic with the blue colors.

    Kind regards,

  15. Wintery weather always made me want to hibernate. Love that blue jay -- he's so handsome even if he is a feeder hog.


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