away for the weekend: photo challenge week #7 - close-up

Saturday, December 17, 2016

photo challenge week #7 - close-up

Not to be confused with macro
- which I am pretty sure I will be attempting in the not-too-distant future

Little bugger...

Headed to the hardware store - 
Greg: Is there anything you'd like me to pick up while I'm out?
Me: Yes - we're out of suet, but whatever you do don't choose one with nuts...

Yeah - little Nutkins, here, surely is enjoying his peanuty treat
He knows I'm watching him - but he's not looking particularly fazed
As my daughter would say - he's just living his life...

I did a little cropping to get this guy to fill the frame
- but it looked "close-up" to me before
- and I like him so much better than my close-up of the ferns
as long as he stays out of my attic!

Next up - SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) eek!
which will be in two weeks
Have a great weekend!


  1. He’s very cute and I admire his expression :) Well framed

  2. Well, he is a cutie, but squirrels are such a nuisance sometimes! Great shot!

  3. oh what a cute ball of fur and i adore the white eyeliner!! nicely done, it does not look cropped to me but then mine come in this close!!

    enjoy the weekend!!!

  4. Little sweetheart! Great shot of his fluffy tail and whiskers and 'I know your taking my photo' stare!!
    Happy Holiday wishes!

  5. That is adorable. It looks like he's posing for you quite deliberately.

  6. Hello Karen,
    What a lovely shot.
    Great picture of this sweet squirrel. So very nice.

    Kind regards,

  7. I think we had a squirrel die in the wall of our bedroom this fall. Talk about stink. Love your close-up of the alive squirrel.

  8. He is certainly a cute and photogenic subject.

  9. Karen, he is just adorable, and what a wonderful photograph of him!

  10. He's way too cute to cause too much mischief....famous last words....You did get a great photograph of him though.....

  11. I can never resist taking pictures of these little stinkers. Now I don't have to worry about their bad habits, but back in the days when we fed birds, we certainly bought them a few bagsful of black oil sunflowre seed.

  12. Oh my goodness! He's the cutest little thing! I think you have cuter squirrels up north. The Virginia squirrels look leaner and are not as cute.


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