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Friday, November 30, 2012

five on friday - holiday thoughts

Holiday Thoughts

Here we are again, in the midst of another holiday season. 
While I enjoy looking at everyone’s holiday trees and decorations and crafts (really, I do), I’ve done absolutely nothing. 
My calendar tells me it’s still November - okay – so it’s the last day of November - yikes - I’m feeling behind. All you early birds are stressing me out! 
Just kidding – (kind of) 

Okay – so maybe it’s not entirely true that I’ve done absolutely nothing. 
I organized my holiday playlist. 
If there’s one thing that helps me de-stress during my daily commute, 
it’s belting out “O Holy Night” in my car as though I’m Mariah Carey. 

When I was a kid, my parents hid the Sears Wish Book until December 1. 
See – I’m not really behind, right? 
Remember the Sears Wish Book? 
Oh how we loved that catalog. 
We fought over it, spent hours gazing at toys, and circled nearly everything in it. 
Can you imagine kids today getting excited over the Sears Wish Book? 
Times, they sure have changed…

I was very excited the other morning, when I saw several trees hauled into the quad outside my office. 
Last night was the tree lighting – complete with an a capella chorus. 
Seriously, I wish I could ease my data analysis frustrations with the sounds of Christmas carols floating through my office window every day. 
These pictures were taken from my office window - with my point-and-shoot - in the dark. 
I had fun playing with photoshop paint effects to change my blurry photos into a blurry paintings. 

This weekend I vow to get started on my holiday preparations. 
Maybe some candles in the windows – a wreath on the door…. 
How about you? Have you started your holiday decorating? Shopping?

Reflection of You

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  1. i like the blue lights on the trees. i've not done one thing towards christmas, but i've never been one to decorate much.

  2. oh, yes ... i remember the Sears Wish Book.. i loved it every year. something to look forward to every year. kids these days have no real clue. i think they are missing out for sure. i love singing ...i'm pretty much through with decorating. might be a few things left to do but pretty much finished. we will see??! we have a bit more to do on our shopping list. ( :

  3. We used to have the Hamley's toy catalogue my daughter used to love pouring over it. I refuse to do anything until December 1st (ah today is the 1st)....

  4. I remember looking through a toy catalogue. It's hard to circle things on the internet! I love what you did with the photos. I know what I'm trying to do today with my blurry photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love these photos, I must have a go at playing with these paint effects, they're great. I never start on Christmas until December, with the exception of a bit of present buying, so you're not alone at all!

  6. I fondly remember the Sears Wishbook. We loved looking through the pages and dreaming of what would appear under our tree! Ah simpler times...
    Yes, I'm one of those who starts decorating the day after Thanksgiving...keeps me out of the stores and all that madness. lol. I do it because the Christmas season is short and I love it! Sorry if it gives you a complex though. :o) Love your pictures - what a lovely view to have outside your window. Have fun decorating now that it's December!

  7. Karen this post puts me in the holiday spirit!!! I really love your blog :)

  8. Cool photos! We have our tree up but that's it for now. I have a few Christmas crafts I want to tackle but haven't gotten to them yet.

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  9. Hi Karen, You've created a lovely soft atmosphere in the foots - so beautiful! Oh I can so relate to your childhood memories skimming the wish catalogues :) I'm happy having found my way to your blog!

  10. I would love to follow your blog if I may!

  11. My sis and I always spent hours circling our favs in the Sears Wish Book. Very pretty trees outside your windows. Hope you have a nice Monday.

  12. Not only do I remember the Sears catalog, but I also remember saving my money for two precious items I ordered from it: the Snoopy snow cone machine, and the butterfly collection kit.

  13. I love the blue lights and all the people around enjoying the season.

  14. Living in Newfoundland at the age of 5 -- I remember that Sears Catalog all too well. The hours spent.

    Lovely post, Karen.


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