away for the weekend: scouting pennsylvania barns

Monday, November 19, 2012

scouting pennsylvania barns

Last weekend, we took a trip to Central Pennsylvania for a family get-together.
As years go by, and with family scattered across the country, 
these gatherings are as rare as they are enjoyable.
The weekend was filled with laughter and stories - sharing the good and the not-so-good -
as families often do.

Greg and I had the pleasure of exploring the Pennsylvania countryside
with our two lovely nieces from Arkansas.
The mission - scouting for barns, farms and Amish - which seemed like a pretty easy mission for Central Pennsylvania.

This was the closest we came to a buggy
But, I'd still call the outing a success.

This camera-shy cow turned to let me take her picture after I mooed to her.
Apparently, I have a knack for mooing.

We found many quaint farms.

and beautiful barn yards

and charming barns.

We enjoyed our Pennsylvania gathering so much that a summer get-together in Baltimore is in the works - 
God willin' and the crick don't rise.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. love the big holstein. :) pretty area, too. hope you have lots of these barns to share w/ us. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing laundry hanging out to dry.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Karen! Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Enjoying your photos, especially the last one!

  5. Lovely pics of the countryside.

  6. oh, i love these area ... what is it about clothes hanging on a line? so comforting. makes you feel right at home. love the cow shot, the laundry shot, love the colors within the actual barn. so great!! Happy Thanksgiving!! ( :

  7. haha i see your catch phrase has stuck with you :D love the photos, especially the one of the cow that you were mooing to and the clothes on the line!

  8. The barns are so interesting and so beautiful!!! And a cow is fantastic. I love that it has different colors. Where I live the cows are mostly have dark brown colors and on the pictures they don't look so great.

    And a picture with many clothes hanging on a rope made me smile. it is simply great!!!

    Beautiful pictures of the charming barns!!!

  9. Such a beautiful area! I like the tall, shuttered windows on the first barn.

  10. What a wonderful trip and you gathered some great shots of the Pennsylvania countryside. Love those barns and clothes on the line, so what country means to me.

  11. Love the barn and the cow has the funniest look on her face! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Lovely photos! Really cool barns. I love the cows :)

  13. Glad that you are preserving the barns in pictures. Most are gone from our area.


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