away for the weekend: barn charm - pennsylvania revisited

Monday, December 3, 2012

barn charm - pennsylvania revisited

I managed to make a couple small strides in my holiday preparations -
but I won't bore you with that right now.

I remember as a teenager making my first car trip across the state of Pennsylvania.
I also remember how beautiful I thought the valleys and farms were.
That hasn't changed.

I've photographed so many Vermont barns, that when I was visiting Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by how open and vast the landscape seems in comparison.

And the barns are so large - and beautifully maintained.

This scene seems so far removed from our snowy weekend in the Green Mountains.
Hopefully I'll get those pictures together to share later this week.
For now - I'm joining Tricia at Bluff Area Daily for a little Barn Charm.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. that is beautiful farm country! thanks for sharing!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful.

  3. So pretty and green! Wonderful captures Karen. :)

  4. These are so amazing and beautiful. I would love to visit the rural northeast someday!

  5. What beautiful how neat and tidy the farms are.

  6. Beautiful barns and settings!

  7. Very beautiful green landscapes with charming barns and tall wonderful silos!!! And sky is so clear and so blue.

    Karen, you took such wonderful pictures!!!

  8. Gorgeous country, PA = nice shots!

  9. Vermont, Pennsylvania, Texas - no matter where we go we're fascinated by beautiful barns. I think it takes us back to our roots, don't you?

  10. I'm in love with the first one and it's big ole farmhouse!
    The landscapes are different but I do think your small quaint Vermont barns are really charming. :)

  11. beautiful! i've only been to pennsylvania twice, once to go to philly and then another trip to gettysburg...beautiful state, would love to spend more time there checking out the country side!

  12. I absolutely LOVE hearing about farms that are still working, esp when they're still beautifully maintained... that's extra good news!
    And you're not lying about them being so large! I mean, WoW! hehehe

    Thanks a million for joining =)

  13. These are wonderful barn complexes and yes, they are certainly well kept. The first picture is heavenly. Could be a painting on the wall it is so nice. Lovely colors and contrasts. I would be happy to have any of them. genie

  14. That is a lovely area of the country. Thanks for sharing this beautiful farm.

  15. WoW, what a gorgeous place, beautiful blue sky and lots of color! I love how well kept the whole farm is!


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