away for the weekend: a weekend in the country

Saturday, November 10, 2012

a weekend in the country

Yep, it's Sunday
and  I actually managed to complete this week's Scavenger Hunt
I'm kind of feeling like the week is starting out right!

For this week's cues, I'd like you to join me for a weekend in the country.
(it's kind of what my blog is about, after all - okay, well, sort of...)

Allow me to introduce you to Nutty.

We've been watching this little guy carry his nuts across our deck all summer long.
It finally occurred to us to wonder where he was taking them.
Have you guessed? - Oh yeah, he's living in our attic.
That's nature for you!

Vintage or Retro

This is another place that we pass by nearly every weekend.
43.9 cents per gallon? Now that is certainly retro!!

Vermont is one whimsical state!
While this is normal to Vermonters -

the Bostonian in me finds it whimsical.

Ahhhh - I LOVE to eat.
Now, if I just loved to cook -

but I'm pretty darned good at boiling water for a nice cup of tea.

Weeks' Best
I originally shot this gnome for the whimsical photo.

While I've been trying to improve my photography
and have felt more than mildly disappointed in many of my shots,
this one made me feel as though I might actually be learning!
I added a little texture, but that was it.

Have a great week!
And as always -

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Nutty will be driving you "nuts" with his partying in your attic.
    All your photos are lovely. I especially love the gnome.
    Wishing you a pleasant evening and I'd like to join you for a cup of tea!

  2. i'm with you on the cooking. i can do it but i'd rather not have to. :)

    i adore your little squirrel - he's probably going to be a both during winter though!

    1. Yeah, Nutty is pretty cute, but he has to go. I just hate the thought of doing it.

  3. I'm not from Boston, but I'd agree that the signs are very whimsical! Artistic too...! Fun pictures and I really enjoyed them... :)

  4. Very creative set of photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)
    watch out for squirrels in your house though ~ they can do a alot of damage ~ I know they 'cute' ~ but just a suggestion ^_^

  5. Love your challenge shots! You did wonderfully with the prompts. Love the retro shot!
    I've been a collector of gnomes for a long time and I LOVE this little guy!

  6. Love that last shot- very cute little fella! Nuts to the squirrel though- best to be shed of him now.

  7. I really like all the old signs & the old gas pump, how cool!

    So glad you'll be joining Watery Wednesday... it was a successful meme w/ 300+ participants, so this should be interesting! LoL!

  8. A squirrel in your attic? Oh my. Gas prices at 43.9 cents would be wonderful. Retrao indeed.

    I have to say I LOVE to be in the kitchen and cooking/baking. I am more of a coffee/cappuccino drinker than tea, but a warm cuppa joe is always welcome.

  9. Vintage and whimsical are great!!

  10. Love the sign post!
    Week's Best is good, too!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  11. You did awesome! :) So sorry Nutty is living in your attic. He is cute, though. And I love the gnome. And what fun signs you have in Vermont! :) Your tea kettle shot is great, too. I love colorful kettles!

  12. You have my sympathy on your attic resident. We had one and he was one noisy guy - very active at night. Took forever to get rid of him. Your photos are terrific - especially the gnome.

  13. Very interesting photos!! Like the gnome and adorable faced squirrel!! Better get him out--- they make a mess!

  14. Oh boy, I think Nutty needs to find a new home...not a good idea in your attic. I remember when gas was 43 cents a gallon. Heck I remember when it was 18 cents a gallon. Great set!!

  15. Enjoyed the directional signs and that is one chubby squirrel. I'm with Deanna - I too can remember when gas was in that range - a bit more, but much less than a $1 a gallon - gracious! Enjoyed your set this week - thanks for sharing.

  16. Danby VT brings back fond memories. We had a house in Bondville 30 years ago and one of my children attended The Long Trail School in Dorset. Really like the photo of the vintage pump. I can actually remember that far back!

  17. Fabulous set.
    Nature - Oh Nutty is adorable. Living in your home, not so adorable.
    Vintage - Wow those were the "good old" days for sure. I get excited seeing our gas now at 3.61 a gallon.
    Whimsical - Those are fun signs.
    Cooking - I love to cook (most of the time) it's the clean-up I hate.
    Weeks Best - Darling Garden Gnome.

  18. Nutty's days in our attic are numbered. Word on the street is that he's been told to pack his bags!

  19. I love your photos this week we have a squirrel (doesn't everyone) but he's grey and a pain..... Cooking like to eat but any excuse not to cook. I love the signposts ours in the UK are so boring :0)

  20. You did so well, Karen -- you have your own style and it's great!

  21. I really like all of these photos! My favorite is Nutty :)

  22. That squirrel is too cute!
    Thanks for linking up with YSB this week :)


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