away for the weekend: walking off the pie

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

walking off the pie

Friday afternoon, feeling somewhat blobby from all that stuffing and pie
(or was it from stuffing myself with pie?),
we headed outside for a walk.
I've been wanting to go hiking,
but it's hunting season in Vermont and I keep forgetting to buy orange vests -
not that an orange vest would offer any protection from stray bullets...
We stuck to the roads.
Ice is already starting to form on this pond -
Oh yeah, we'll be skating soon.
Well, I might not - I stand a better chance of staying alive by wearing an orange vest in the woods -
during hunting season...
A little farther down the street, the people in this neigborhood share access to the pond.
I think I'd like to borrow one of those canoes.
Hmmm, I wonder if I need an orange vest out on the pond.
And then, completely unrelated to watery sporting activites -
I really like this stone fence and picket gate.
I'm wondering if it will have a Christmas wreath soon.
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  1. ooh, i like that last shot, too. you made me laugh with your orange vesting. better safe than sorry! i'd stay off the ice, too.

  2. What a pretty place, looks like a great spot for a walk. I hope you stay safe with the hunters around. Lovely photos!

  3. I want to paint your first picture. Stunning.

  4. Wonderful watery shots!
    But, that last shot of the stone wall and picket gate is just terrific!

    My daughter and granddaughters were here for Thanksgiving. She has always loved walking in the woods. She would have loved taking her girls for a walk but hunting season made it off limits. ;(

  5. Very nice shots- I love that rock fencing with the gate. I worry about getting hit with a stray bullet every morning when I walk- you just never know.

  6. I hear you - I had to buy an orange ballcap and orange running sleeves and an orange shirt so I could run safely in my own woods during hunting season! We don't allow hunting, but you never know when someone might be poaching, unfortunately. Pretty pictures!

  7. Oh I would love to take that hike with you I have a orange jacket with a hood and I understand the nervousness.
    Your shots are amazing, the rock fence is cool. B

  8. What a beautiful walk! You live in a truly beautiful area!

    I'd wear the orange vest anywhere around the woods... those trigger happy hunters let the hunt get away w/ em, sometimes... so wear the vest just to be safe! =)

    Thanks for joining =)

  9. Sounds like a fun venture. I like that gate in the bottom picture to!

  10. If I lived in a place as beautiful as that I would walk for hours every day! And I would definitely invest in an orange vest! Thanks for sharing your view. Have a great weekend.

  11. Great shots! It looks so beautiful. I could have stayed out there with that scenery all day!

  12. Ordinary Words...your signs of winter are lovely, but I'm just not quite ready for frozen ponds♫

  13. When in doubt, wear an orange vest. ;) Beautiful photo's! You are right, the gate needs a wreath!


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