away for the weekend: a veteran's day thank you - and barn charm

Monday, November 12, 2012

a veteran's day thank you - and barn charm

Before sharing my barn for this week,
I would like to wish a heart felt thank you to all Veteran's, troops, and their families.
As I spend the day at home doing nothing of any significance,
I understand that this is a luxury I enjoy because of the brave
dedication of all who fight for our freedom as well as the sacrifices
made by their families.

Newfane, Vermont - July 2012
For this, I am truly grateful!

This past weekend was one of those truly beautiful Fall weekends that makes
 this my most very favorite season.
Greg and I enjoyed the company of one of his brothers and sister-in law.
While we played tourist a bit, I took lots and lots of pictures of covered bridges.
The photos for these weeks barn charm actually come from a bike ride that Greg and I took
back in August.

There's a part of me that misses all this green.
I really like the vine growing on the weathered wood.

Vermont is full of photogenic barns.
In fact - so much so that our weekend guests began to scout out barns for me
- enthusiastically pointing out some for future posts.

Barn charm is certainly contagious.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. it is indeed. like the goldenrod framing the barn in the last pic. :)

    i liked your veteran's day gratitude, too. :)

  2. What a lovely setting for those barns. The hills full of trees are beautiful. Bicycling is a great way to see the scenery.

  3. Love the weathered natural wood on the one barn and the faded red on the other!
    All those green surroundings make for a lovely setting.
    Love that shot from July!

  4. I love the vine growing on the weathered wood too! And the goldenrod in front of the barn.
    I also love covered bridges so will look forward to those photos.

  5. Especially like the mysteriousness of the third photo!

  6. Beautiful photos, Karen.

  7. Ohh, these two barns are so wonderful. Beautiful nature around them.

    Beautiful pictures!!! Love them very, very much!!!

  8. Nice barns! I love vines growing on barns too.

  9. Lovely photos of the barns! Amen to your thanks to our veterans. You said it very well.

  10. Great shots. I agree - barn hunting is addictive! And thank you for the kind words for our veterans.

  11. Great finds & I also really like the vines growing up the side of the barn, weathered barn wood & all! =) Thanks =)

  12. Great photos! Love the vine growing on the barn. So cool!

  13. came for the barns. love the yellow flowers in front. ... that 1st shot is so beautiful. i love red, white & blue all together. so lovely. glad you shared. big hugs. (:

  14. All of it works so well together...old weather beaten barns, green trees and vines and goldenrod! Beautiful photos of a lovely part of our country!

  15. Beautiful barn! I love your photo of the flags.

  16. Amazing all the flags! The vine growing on the barn is very attractive.


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