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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

rurality - vermont fresh

Driving the back roads of Vermont, there is always something picturesque, quaint or just plain quirky to see.
- and then, make a quick u-turn for
(or maybe not so quick if you need to convince the driver - which really only delays the inevitable)
- because - you know - seeing these things is fun,
but capturing them with a camera is even better.
Anyway -

I spied this colorful van parked at a farm in Londonderry, Vermont.
It's an exciting reminder to me that farmer's markets will soon be opening.
- smile -

Many Vermont farmers pride themselves on their organic produce.
Vermont Fresh is a state-wide network of farmers, food producers, and chefs -
providing some of the most amazing farm-to-table cuisine found anywhere.

And - another sign that Spring is finally coming to this northern part of New England -
Jamaica State Park is reopening this week.
Time to get out those hiking boots
-another smile :-)

How about you - are there any rural markets or activities that you look forward to?

Rurality Blog Hop #11


  1. that's really fun! and i laughed at your 'prolonging the inevitable' statement. :)

  2. I sure am looking forward to some fresh CO produce - maybe in May in Denver. Still too snowy in the mts. Love the painted van.

  3. Driving the off the beaten path will always turn up gems like this one to photograph.

  4. I love that van! I definitely look forward to the local farmers markets that start up in the spring. I think they are starting up again here in just a few short weeks! There is one on the river that has lots of local artisans and a great variety of handmade items. It's so cool!

  5. Love that van I look forward to all the things spring brings especially the farmer's markets. B

  6. Yeah for Farmer's Markets. Ours opens mid May.

  7. The farmers markets for sure! What an awesome find!

  8. Van looks like the 60's VW Bus ~ very creative photography ^_^

  9. The nearest Summer Farmer's Market is over an hour away. The same town is participating in Bountiful Baskets. I would love to be a regular of both, but I would have to commit almost half a day just to do it. We keep busy enough around here I'm not sure I have the time.

    Gardening is lingering is the back of my mind. The fact that we have had snow flurries today, it’s cold and windy keeps the gardening idea on the back burner.

  10. Initially I flashed back to the VW Vans of the 70s. (I know I'm dating myself). Very fun though.

  11. What a great van! I am looking forward to our local farmer's market opening soon!

  12. I guess I'll be telling my age when I say that when I first saw the photo I 'saw' a 70's van - the Woodstock kind. When I saw the front of the van and started reading I looked more closely and really saw what I was looking at. (I just saw Diane's comment above so I guess I wasn't alone.) I think that is very cool.
    Hubby and I used to go through that inevitable thing but now he's usually the first to ask if I want him to turn around. :)

  13. love, love, love the farmers markets at the jersey shore. we have some amazing local markets that i frequent often!!

    what a fun van....makes me think it may have seen some action, in it's day ;)))

    ps, love the new profile pic!!

  14. Somebody spent a lot of man hours painting that van! We have farmers markets around here in the summer....not so many this time of year.

  15. What a cool van!!! I can't wait to start buying fresh produce at all of the road side stands that start popping up!

  16. The eyes sees and the mind perceives, but the camera records the moment to remain as an indelible part of your soul. Well expressed.


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