away for the weekend: five on friday - my "style" edition

Friday, April 12, 2013

five on friday - my "style" edition

Okay - so it's still just a little early to say that Spring has sprung -
and I suspect that when we get to Away this evening, we'll find that there are still many piles of snow along with a fair amount of mud.
But - here in Boston, we have our first blooms - 
and this guy looks much happier to me, lounging among the petals.

So - I'm calling this week's random five - my so-called style

1) I'm tall, which I definitely didn't appreciate when I was young - but now, I'm kind of liking it.

2) I have a closet full of cardigan sweaters. I don't know how or why this happened, but boy, do I ever need a style consultant!

3) I also have a closet full of flats - but then, I don't really need to wear heels now, do I?

4) A typical outfit for me is a skirt, tights, flats and sweater (okay, yeah, a cardigan) - which my kindest friends call "classic", but I know it's really more like "catholic school girl"

5) One thing I love about having daughters is their savvy style advice which goes something like -
eye roll - "no, mom..... no"

So with that -
A quick update on my focal length "challenge" -
I probably shouldn't call it a "challenge" so much as a "creative exercise". 
This week was all 24 mm -(which is just one of the settings on my kit lens).

And what have I learned so far?
Well, if I want to take different shots - I have to move around.
Believe it or not, that in itself is a valuable lesson -

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand." Ansel Adams


  1. I used to wear my dad's green cardigan sweater many years ago when I lived at home... comfy and stylish.

    I don't have any daughters, so my fashion sense gets no critiques from my hubby or sons. Good thing.

    I'd rather be tall than short. The weight gets distributed better that way! xo

  2. An enjoyable read today, Karen. Love the photo, too.
    I had a zillion sweaters when I was young, but these days, I am always too warm!

  3. Beautiful Views on your blog -
    Really like your five - Wish I were TALL . . .
    I no longer wear heels - I am still celebrating the purchase of a new pair of boots -
    which i'll be wearing with long skirts and a Big Smile . . . (I've been promising to buy & wear boots again for a long time - so, it's a celebration for me.)
    Thank you for sharing with us,
    Happy 5 day!

  4. haha, love your random 5...I'm not tall and I have cardigans too but not too many opportunities to wear them as it's usually too warm here. Good lightweight layer though.
    Love your quote from Ansel's true, isn't it? I need a photography class ( I'd settle for a good lesson!)

  5. I don't have any spring photos like yours to display. I think we got the same snowstorm that hit you yesterday.

  6. i would think you need those cardigans in your VT weather. you would need to move to another state (warm climate) to wear less? right??! i think if you enjoy wearing heels you should. i enjoy towering over folks. i use to think i was tall & lately i keep running into taller giants. they are huge. make me feel small. (i'm 5'8) what are folks eating these days. take care. ( :

  7. Love the advice from your girls I have the same look here. I love cardigans and since I am about 4ft 10 I do wear flats but should probably wear heels but an afraid to fall and break a hip:) Not really just like to be comfortable.
    Great challenges with the camera and I LOVE that quote. B

  8. I'm loving your photo. I'm short and would way rather be tall :)

  9. I love sweaters, but still searching for the right style for my body type. Love the photo- that is a cool statue.

  10. That’s a beautiful image! Glad the spring at last showcases its sparkle of colors at least. Fun reading on five :)

  11. I have a lot of cardigans, too--wearing one right now, in fact! I love them. I'm just a plain Jane when it comes to clothes. Some people would call my style classic. Some would call it droll. :-)

    I used to think I was tall (5'8") but now everyone seems taller. Did I shrink?

  12. Cardigans, don't we love them. They can be worn with so many things and make such a statement if needed or detract from parts of the body that need to be hid....My closet is full of cardigans and have a friend that goes everywhere with me...

    It's always fun learning more about a friend....I would never have guessed you are tall but that's a good thing. I have a sister who is 6 ft and I have always admired her statue...

    Have fun this weekend...

  13. coming from a short girl that doesn't wear tights or skirts, i'm envious. :)

  14. I actually really LIKE cardigan sweaters. Lol. But i don't have a closet full, so i'd be willing to take 'em off your hands if we lived closer! :). I'm kind of on the tall side too, and i like it now,but didn't when i was in 7th grade and was the tallest girl AND taller than many of the boys.

  15. Cardigans are back in right now.

    Beautiful blooms!

  16. Those blooms are really pretty! I'm short (5'1) so I've always wanted to be taller. I'm glad you learned to like your blessing of height :) Love that Ansel Adams quote too!

  17. My closet leans heavily toward cardigans too ... unfortunately I have no daughters for advice and I can guarantee my sons never notice anything I wear!

  18. Miss Karen,

    1 - I am short. In High School I was measured 5 feet 1 and 15/16 inches. I think I am shrinking.

    2 - I have one multi colored cardigan that is heavy and warm. Love it.

    3 and 4 - A Ranch Wife in comfort: long sleeve t-shirt, t-shirt, wranglers and tennis shoes. Often found wearing long johns and insulated hooded sweatshirts. Outer wear includes ski pants, heavy winter coat and sometimes a vest for extra warmth.

    5. - Sisters are good fashion gurus!

  19. I'm more a pants, flats and cardigan gal....only own a couple skirts actually, but loads of cardigans, tees and blouses:) Happy Spring

  20. The key is your "so called style." so you wear what makes you feel comfortable in your head. I hope you don't find as much snow and mud as you think you might. Have a great weekend.

  21. A blanket on the grass enjoying the outdoors will have to wait here a little while but it would be nice.
    Since retiring my wardrobe has pretty much been jeans, t-shirt, and crocs - I have no style. :)
    Hope your 'Away' weekend is wonderful!

  22. So nice to see blossoms in Boston. We will be visiting relatives in the area week after next. I was hoping for some flowers. It's fun learning a bit about you. And here I am trying to build my wardrobe of cardigans because I can never have enough. Right? Or tights. Or flats. (I'm short, but I still like flats- just bought a great pair!) I love that quote by Ansel Adams. So very true! Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  23. Such beautiful blossoms! We have rows of them lining our neighborhood street and I love the reflection .. everything has a soft pink color. This is a fun post and we can all relate. There are always certain wardrobe items we gravitate towards based on our age, height, etc. I too could use a little editing. My wardrobe lacks color and accessories. I generally buy work related pieces which tend to be tailored basics. Ansel A. is right:)

    Enjoy your weekend! Looking forward to following along!

  24. I agree that guy does look happy with the blooms and who could blame him? :)

  25. You are much more fashionable than you make yourself sound Mom, and also, I never diss your cardigans! Haven't you seen that joke on Pinterest that says "I am always trying to save money until I go to Target, and then I'm like 'Heck yes! Cardigan in every color!'"

    I would be happy to go shopping with you when I come home this summer though and offer up some of my fabulous fashion advice ;)

    1. Yes to a little shopping and savvy advice! :-)

  26. I get such a good visual of you now in your Catholic girl uniform :)

  27. I love the 'guy' enjoying those beautiful blossoms.

  28. Don't own a single cardigan sweater, but have plenty of pullover types. Clothing preference is jeans and whatever goes with them, flats always.

  29. Your style sounds fun, sensible and very liveable. As you say, your photo subject looks "happy", especially with the trees in flower.

  30. Beautiful tree that for sure...:)

  31. hehe....i am NOT a fashionista either. i always go with comfy!! i don't own a dress, a skirt or heels. gorgeous tree...YaY for spring!!

  32. Oh I know the feeling with the gardigans ... I have also many of them, seem to be wearing them all the time too! The quote is lovely and special :)

  33. So you are tall....I am short. Kinda liked it as a kid, because I was never taller than any of the boys I liked, but now I sure wish I could add inches to my body. You look so much nicer in clothes (and cardigans) when you are taller. And you can reach the top of the cabinets without a stool.

  34. haha you really make me laugh...i don't own any cardigans, i wear hoodies...i'm a jeans and tennies or shorts and flip flops girl....i've got a west coast cas style, you east coasters are much more style savvy!


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