away for the weekend: west river revisited

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

west river revisited

Last weekend we decided to head out with our guests for another snowshoeing adventure.
Or - I think that is - Greg and I decided to head out snowshoeing and
told our guests to be sure to bring their snow gear - they were going to need it.
Yeah.... we're gracious hosts...

It was a pretty day though,
 - and we all enjoyed trying to find catamount tracks.
Although, I'm pretty sure they were all dog prints.

And while I practiced taking photos with the lens I got for Christmas,
Greg took better photos with his iPhone.
Hmmmm, I kind of hate that...

And I won't say which is which.

A little frozen water for Wednesday

And while these photos may look cold,
the weather we have right now makes last weekend seem downright balmy!

Have a great week!

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. you make me smile - the comment about the photos taken by you or your husband. smart phones take good pics some times & others not so much. it depends. these look awfully chilly. brrr!! ( :

  2. What a beautiful place to snowshoe. Love the icicles!

  3. Wow, very pretty river scenes. The icicles are beautiful! Lovely photos!

  4. It can be very frustrating learning how to use a new piece of equipment, but you'll soon get the knack. Compare photos then! At any rate, I like all the photos. Looks like you had a great day.

  5. Wow, so beautiful, my favorite is the photo of the icicles.
    Thank you for visitng pret-a-vivre.

  6. really pretty wintry scenes! i'll keep my 73 degrees and sunshine we had today, though. :)

  7. Great photos whether iphone or your camera! I like the first one with the snow along the banks of the rocky river and the icicles.
    Stay warm!

  8. Icy chill going up my spine as I look at your pictures! Let me take a walk outside 9:53p.m., it's 56 degrees. I hope you live above us on the map though so when your snow melts, it will come this way in the river....we are DRY!

  9. Winter has it's beauty and you (and Greg) did a great job of photographing it.

  10. Kareem, I would be doing more photography and less walking if these were the scenes along the way. This would be our kind of weekend fun.

  11. I love the pictures of that snowy trail!!!

  12. Beautiful winter landscape....I hear you on the new camera lens n Iphone pics! LOL

  13. Just beautiful. I would love to be able to visit places like that in the snow. I have my first phone with a decent camera. It does pretty good!

  14. The path running parallel to the river reminds me of a spot west of here along Current River... there old train tracks running alongside & there's caves in the hill & all kinds of wildlife!
    Beautiful, very beautiful views! Thank you Thank you for joining =)


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