away for the weekend: my town shoot-out "money"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

my town shoot-out "money"

Oh my, what did we all do before e-this and e-that?
I guess we carried more cash.
These are the essentials I keep in my purse

Debit Card - replaces pretty much all the cash I used to carry

"Dunkies" Card - just because it feels silly to put a cup of coffee on my debit card

Charlie Card - named after Charlie on the MTA aka "the man who never returned" - this little card is a must-have for getting around Boston

Smart phone with MBTA app - for catching a train to the 'burbs. No more stopping at the ticket window, because, you know - that takes time.

A few actual $ - for emergencies? Nope, but that would probably be smart. My favorite Vermont coffee shop only takes cash.

75 cents - locker rental at the ski slope

1 penny - just because no matter how I pay for things, I always wind up with pennies.

I'm curious to see what your interpretation of "money" is - and as a side-note - Photoshop would not let me edit this photo. According to the counterfeit laws, though, I'm okay.

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  1. I must say, I use plastic for everything! I rarely have cash with me. I should probably carry some around just in case, but I've gotten along ok so far haha. I do get cash if I go yard saling of course.

  2. I still prefer cash or checks. When ever possible especially with small business I will write a check. Debit cards are continent, but they cost the merchants quite a bit of $$$ My auto mechanic give a 2% discount for cash or check. I hired a tree trimmer last year that will not accept plastic for any reason.

  3. Credit card, Sam's and Safeway cards, Insurance Information.

    No smart phone for the Hubby or I. We do have AT&T coverage, but have not justified the expense ... yet. We still use a TracFone for when we go to town. I think the Hubby would love a smart phone so he can check the weather and markets at all times.

    The Hubby is always good about having cash. Like you, I just make sure I have enough money to buy me a cuppa joe! I tend to spend my quarters in gum ball machines.

  4. Mostly I use my debit card. I do carry a little cash just in case I need it.

  5. In the past couple of years, we have ended up using our debit card for just about everything. I hate using it for something less than $5 though, so I try to keep at least a ten on me. I have a smart phone, but I just call, text, take pictures, and search the internet with it. I didn't know I could pay for things with it...well, I guess I had heard about it, but don't trust it for that. I have had my debit card number stolen twice, and each time they caught the theif. Thank goodness.

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  7. I still use cash for small sums but the cards are certainly taking over.

  8. Nice shot. Creative idea. My debit card gets quite the workout for me.

  9. I uses debit or credit card in big stores ,but cash is much needed in small shops especially the neighbourhood shops and markets.

  10. Debit card for everything - even my coffee!
    I think the day will come when that's all we'll use.
    We do have some quarters in the Jeep for the carts at the discount grocery store we visit. You put a quarter in for the cart and when you return it you get your quarter back - no wayward carts in the parking lot!

  11. I almost always use credit card. I keep a little cash for thrift stores/yard sales etc.

    Have a good weekend.

  12. I'm with Carletta -- debit card. Which is funny because my hubby only uses cash. Always!

  13. Wen I do carry a purse, which I avoid whenever possible, it has my "dumb" phone because we too decided to skip the expense for now, a small digital camera for those always unexpected shots, 1 credit card for emergencies, about $25 or usually less in cash, few coins, library card, CVS card, pen, notepad, calendar book. When out walking or on short shopping trips, I will lck the purse in my car and carry some cash in my jeans along with the phone and often the small digital camera.

  14. My debit card is usually the only money I carry. Shamefully, I borrow at times at work when I need a shot of caffeine via the coke machine. (I always pay back, of course.) And I've been out of checks for years, but that is something I need to change soon.

  15. I use my AMEX to pay for almost everything but I still always carry cash-- Old habits are hard to break!

    Love your fave coffee shop still doesn't take credit cards. I'm guessing it helps them keep the $$$ down.

  16. Interesting topic, huh? Seems the card has taken over the money market. Really like how you got colours into your pic.


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