away for the weekend: watery wednesday - frozen hideaway

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

watery wednesday - frozen hideaway

Whew - it's only Wednesday, and already it's been a crazy, busy week-
budget projection deadlines, long days, late dinners - you know the drill
Anyway -
last night, done for the day, I grabbed a nice big handful of chocolate chips,
plopped on the couch and started pinning healthy recipes.
Okay, so the irony wasn't lost on me, and I switched to crafts - madly pinning crochet patterns.
Boy - this cold weather has me crocheting up a storm!
Scarves, throws, cowls, boot cuffs - yep, this stylin' 50-something is sporting cowls and boot cuffs.
Soooo -
just when you thought I was rambling without a cause,
I'll bring you to my wintery frozen water scenes

A few of you remarked at the lack of snow in my last post of barn photos.
Taken by surprise - I scrolled back up to take another look at my photos.
Whoa - you were right!

These photos were also taken last weekend - only a few miles away.
Go figure...

How about this cabin hideaway?!
As a kid, I sure would have loved this bridge.

And then,

over by the West River, on another snowshoe outing, I spied this little snowman -
out in the middle of nowhere.
It made me smile to think that someone took a break from their hike to build this little guy.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. wow, i love the cabin getaway - awesome view there. the hubby & i talk about that all the time. we wonder if we would want to go to the same place over & over. we enjoy seeing new places. ( :

  2. the snowman made me smile too! and you're 50-something?! no way!

  3. I so enjoy your photographs, and especially these snowy scenes. Also, I love that you eat chocolate chips out of the bag too. :)

  4. You found an interest place to take some photos. I'll never complain about the lack of snow.

  5. Beautiful wintery scenes...its just so natural to have snow in Vermont!

  6. I love that cabin hideaway! It looks so charming and cozy.

    PS - I have a weakness for chocolate chips as well :)

  7. Love the photos and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate chips. One needs sustenance when pinning healthy food.

  8. What a cute little hideaway and I love the bridge leading to it! I would love to have a place like that! The snowman is cute too.

  9. oh your posts always make me smile! funny how pinterest is, i pin healthy stuff and then something right next to it with a million calories :D i think it balances out in the end! beautiful photos and i love that cute little snowman!

  10. That little snowman brought a smile to my face!
    I would love to spend some time in that cabin. I bet it would be cozy to be holed up in there for awhile. Now, getting to it across that bridge - not so sure of that. :)

  11. Love that frozen snowman and all your frosty winter shots! So pretty!


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