away for the weekend: the quirky side of rural vermont

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the quirky side of rural vermont

I am probably only joining the chorus when I say
"September already? Where did the summer go?!?"
But really...
Where did it go?

As many of you know, I spent most of my down-time this summer in Vermont.
While I've been busy taking photos,
I have not been very busy writing posts.
I have a backlog that I'm hoping to get to
I promise...

over the last couple of months I've shared the pretty side of Vermont.
These - I'm filing under the category - Things that made me go "hmmmmm"

Vermont is well known for its charming covered bridges.
But, where do you suppose I should pay my fine?

Ohmmmmm - yoga for the road crew?

I'm thinking this is just about the cutest outhouse I've ever seen.

And then,
we surely do love moose.

Someday I'm going to get out of bed early enough to see a real one

But until then...

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  1. So very nice to meet you, Karen. I've never visited Vermont and I enjoyed your photos today very much! I look forward to following you. Hard to believe it's September! Enjoy your day. Mildred

  2. That's an amazing bridge -- and the rock sculptures are something you don't see everyday! :)

  3. I love love Vermont....was there 3 yrs ago and would love to go back one day!!! Great the covered bridge!

  4. Wonderful photos ~ love the covered bridges that you see ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. How cute! I too love seeing those covered bridges!
    Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey

  6. Love your images and the covered bridge and painte moose. I would love to visit Vermont.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  7. This past May we took a trip of the Northeastern states. Only got to be in Vermont for an hour or so as we drove across the southern tip. During that short time, we were amazed at how beautiful the state is and definitely want to go back soon. We are also fans of finding covered bridges. Don't know what it is about them we like, but we saw several in Indiana this past July (see my blog if you want to see the most unusual covered bridge.) You've got some great pictures here which leaves me yearning to get back soon. enJOYed your post.

  8. You had me at 'covered bridge'. The moose concepts are great, too. Could you just feel fall in the air?

    nice blog here. I'm joining.

  9. What a charming covered bridge! I'd like to see a real moose too.

  10. Wonderful, charming photos of the area! I LOVE covered bridges (I have to travel hundreds of miles to see them, though.)and this one might be the prettiest one I've seen.

  11. It does seem like summer has been a quick one. GLad you enjoyed your time in Vermont.

    My favorite is the covered bridge picture. I have to agree on the cute outhouse!

  12. this was a very enjoyable and cute post! thank you for sharing! :)

  13. I've never been to Vermont but would to visit there one day. I agree... summer flew by this year. I'm hoping the days will slow down, but apparently they just keep speeding up.

  14. This is my first visit to your blog but it won't be my last! I have enjoyed looking at your interesting posts and beautiful photos. I have wanted to go to Vermont for a long time and hope it works out sometime in the not too distant future. I live in the south so I would love to visit in the fall or winter to enjoy the snow. -------------- Shannon


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