away for the weekend: barn charm

Monday, September 10, 2012

barn charm

I found these two red barns side by side - part of a very pretty farm in Arlington, Vermont.
Cycling through the countryside provides a great opportunity for photographs,
although I  only carry my point-and-shoot on bike rides.
Someday I'll hop in the car and revisit some of these places
just so that I can recapture them with my DSLR.
I'm still learning.

This one made me pause.
Is that a lobster trap on the barn door?
But really, I'm not sure why I find that odd. We used to have a lobster trap coffee table
when we lived in Illinois...
Yeah, it was a great conversation starter.

I like the splash of yellow flowers even though they look a bit tired.
It's been a hot, dry summer.

So, I have been pretty excited about a six-week DSLR workshop I signed up for.
Except that I just received an email from the instuctor and the
course looks as though it will be mostly about making videos.
Video is good.
But - it's not what I want to learn right now.
I'm undecided.
Take it? Drop it?

I am joining Tricia at Bluff Area Daily for

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  1. Hi Karen, What beautiful photos! Must be a lovely area for bike riding.

  2. What a great looking barn. Love it...!! If you are pondering about taking the video class vs. the DSLR class I would drop the class and find one suited to what you want right now. Learning your DSLR is more important than learning video at this point. You can always do video later....just sayin'

  3. wow, such great barns. i love red barns. i would love to see these in person. the hubby & i loved our trip to vermont ... would love to go again soon. fingers crossed. (:

  4. pretty red barns - lobster trap or not. :)

  5. What beautiful barns. Red barns are my favorites. Ha! It sure does look like a lobster trap on that door!

  6. Gorgeous barns, Karen! They remind me of the style in my native Michigan. Classic red and white. If you're wanting to learn still photography and that's your interest, you might consider finding another course. Video is fun, but not the same as still photography. Taking the course you want will actually help you later when/if you get into video. Just my worthless 2 cents.

  7. Very charming barn and looks like the owner maintained the place well.


  8. I'm loving those red barns. It just seems to me like barns ought to be RED!! Don't know why...

  9. Charming Barn! My favorite is the last picture. Looks like it is well kept.

  10. very inviting photos of a cool barn.

  11. Lovely barn and beautiful photos! I think you did well with your P&S, and many things don't really require a DSLR to get better photos. I use mine for different applications, and you certainly can't beat the P&S for portability.

  12. Seriously Karen, I want to go on a bike ride with you. You find the best things to take pictures of and actually get to stop and take them. :) Great red barns! As for the class, I'd drop it in favor of finding the one I really wanted. Good luck!

  13. Beautiful barns! I agree with Deanna. Six weeks is a long time to go and not learn what you want/need.

  14. Great barn. I love the yellow flowers next to it even if they are a little tired.

  15. pretty barn! the lobster trap? hmmmm, kinda odd! enjoy your class!

  16. Beautiful barn pictures! (But I'm with you, for some reason that lobster trap seems a little odd...)

  17. Excellent editing, love that vibrant red & green, green foliage! Beautiful =)

  18. ps the class sounds great, but i know what you mean... i'd rather take the photog class instead of videos... but, you could learn how to do the 'moving pic' thing... i'd be interested in that. LoL! =)

  19. Lovely barn shots. Thanks for visiting my blog for Barn Charm. :-)


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