away for the weekend: barn charm - a vermont dairy farm

Monday, September 17, 2012

barn charm - a vermont dairy farm

I mentioned staying home last weekend,
and this was one of the reasons why -

Greg and Laura participated in the Jimmy Fund walk to raise money for cancer research.
Although you can't really see it in this picture,
Laura wrote the names of everyone she walked for on her t-shirt.
I'm proud of their efforts and hope someday cancer will become a thing of the past.

Now - on to this week's barn.
Saturday, Greg had his whole afternoon planned out, and it was all to start with a visit to our all-time favorite coffee house - except - when we got there we discovered it was closed.
I'm hoping the couple who own it were on a much deserved vacation!

For some reason, though (and I don't pretend to understand male logic), this seemed to throw Greg for a loop - and he decided against doing his other errands, as well.
Of course I'd never take advantage of his quandary, but I knew just the place to go...

I've been wanting to photograph this very beautiful dairy farm in Londonderry, Vermont.
There was definitely the feel of autumn in the air - the leaves are starting to turn.

I love the weathered wood and cow crossing sign -

- the beautiful farmhouse flowers.
just as an added bonus
because you know how I love pictures of cows...

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  1. Oh I love that mossy green on the roof...great shots of a great looking place. Sorry about the coffee shop, hope it re-opens soon.

  2. I really enjoyed the photos. What a gorgeous weekend.
    How wonderful that Greg and Laura participated in the walk.

  3. yup, the gray weathering is wonderful! :) congrats to your hubby and daughter on their fundraising.

  4. love the moss growing on the roof. that is great view. (:

  5. I love the natural weathered look of the barn wood. I wonder why they never painted the barn.

    You will have to return to the coffee shop another day so you can share it with us. Yea, for your Hubby and Daughter on the cancer walk.

  6. Lovely barn! You may need to send the coffee house owners a thank you note....

  7. Love the barn pictures - keep them coming! The moss on the roof is just priceless. Thanks for sharing!

  8. It's a gorgeous farm! I love that wood.

  9. Great weathered wood on this one! I like the moss on the roof too.

  10. Congratulations to Laura and Greg for participating in the Jimmy Fund walk. I love the barn you featured this week.

  11. Great walk for cancer & beautiful farm, indeed! I'm also lovin the weathered barn wood

    Thanks for joining =)

  12. That's a beautiful farm. Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Love the picture of Dad and Laura! I have to say though that I laughed out loud at Dad boycotting his errands because of the coffee house closure.

  14. Oh, I just want to step inside these pictures. They seem so calm!


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